What’s On

March 2021

Virtual Conference

Association of Hispanists of Great Britain & Ireland Annual Conference 2021

29 – 31 March 2021

University College Dublin

Given current restrictions and uncertainties surrounding travelling and gatherings due to Covid-19, the Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland (AHGBI), in conjunction with the local conference organising team at UCD, has made the decision to move the 2021 Annual Conference to an online format.

Registration for the conference is now officially open, and will remain so until the 28th February. 

View the CAP virtual exhibit: https://www.combinedacademic.co.uk/association-of-hispanists-of-great-britain-ireland-conference-2021/

Conference website: https://hispanists.frb.io/conference-information-2/ahgbi-annual-conference-2021-university-college-dublin/

April 2021

Virtual Book Talk

Thinking With | Kaiama L. Glover | A Regarded Self

1 April 2021, 17:00 – 18:30 GMT

Research Center for Material Culture, Leiden

As part of the RCMC Thinking With series, we have invited scholar Kaiama L. Glover to be in conversation around her latest book, A Regarded Self: Caribbean Womanhood and the Ethics of Disorderly Being (Duke UP 2021). Anchored in rigorous literary analysis, Glover’s study asks us to pay attention to the gendered expectations that often determine our critical approaches to works of literature and their feminine protagonists.

Find out more and register to attend: https://www.materialculture.nl/en/events/thinking-kaiama-l-glover-ethics-disorderly-being

Virtual Conference

Classical Association Annual Conference 2021

6 – 8 April 2021

With conditions too uncertain to plan for the CA’s usual conference at a UK university this year, CA2021 will be held online from 6 – 8 April 2021. Interactive sessions will focus on key issues facing classicists, including inclusivity, outreach and employability. There is also a theatre night, featuring brand new material from three theatre companies and discussion by practitioners of the challenges and opportunities of performing classically inspired material online.
The event will include the Presidential Address by acclaimed Welsh author and classicist Mari Williams and presentation of the CA Prize and our new Teaching Awards by broadcaster, classicist and comedian Natalie Haynes.

View the CAP virtual exhibit: https://www.combinedacademic.co.uk/ca-2021/

Conference website: https://classicalassociation.org/conference/

Virtual Book Talk

Drunk on Genocide – Alcohol and Mass Murder in Nazi Germany

7 April 2021, 19:00 GMT

The Wiener Holocaust Library

Professor Edward Westermann in conversation with Professor Dan Stone.

In Drunk on Genocide, Edward B. Westermann reveals how, over the course of the Third Reich, scenes involving alcohol consumption and revelry among the SS and police became a routine part of rituals of humiliation in the camps, ghettos, and killing fields of Eastern Europe. Westermann draws on a vast range of newly unearthed material to explore how alcohol consumption served as a literal and metaphorical lubricant for mass murder. It facilitated “performative masculinity,” expressly linked to physical or sexual violence.

Such inebriated exhibitions extended from meetings of top Nazi officials to the rank and file, celebrating at the gravesites of their victims. Westermann argues that, contrary to the common misconception of the SS and police as stone-cold killers, they were, in fact, intoxicated with the act of murder itself.

Find out more here: https://wienerholocaustlibrary.org/event/virtual-book-talk-drunk-on-genocide-alcohol-and-mass-murder-in-nazi-germ/

Virtual Conference

British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies Annual Conference

7 – 9 April 2021

University of Southampton Virtual Centre

The 9th Annual BAFTSS conference will take place entirely online from 7-9th April 2021, hosted by the University of Southampton Centre for International Film Research (CIFR). The conference theme is ‘Time and the Body in Film, Television and Screen Studies’. The conditions of the 2021 conference bring home with particular pertinence the fundamental, yet malleable, natures of time and the body. The conference will be held online via Microsoft Teams, and will adopt a different format to increase participation and accessibility. Panels will be conceived as opportunities for discussion, with participants offering summaries of their research and devoting the rest of the time to debate with their fellow panel members and audience.

View the CAP virtual exhibit: https://www.combinedacademic.co.uk/film-television-screen-studies-2021/

Conference website: https://store.southampton.ac.uk/conferences-and-events/faculty-of-arts-and-humanities/events/baftss-annual-conference-2021-time-and-the-body-in-film-television-and-screen-studies-online

Virtual Conference

British Association of American Studies Annual Conference

8 – 10 April 2021

University of Hull

We are excited to announce details for the British Association for American Studies’s 66th Annual Convention — its first to be hosted entirely remotely. For several years BAAS has been building towards an event of this type, in order to transcend the exclusivity and waste of our traditional conference model. Our plans have been pushed forward by our familiar enemy Covid-19 but are equally motivated by our twin concerns of environmental impact and accessibility/inclusivity. As part of the ‘Green BAAS’ agenda, we are committed to reflecting upon the environmental impact of our activities, and to making positive changes to combat climate catastrophe.

View the CAP virtual exhibit: https://www.combinedacademic.co.uk/baas-2021/

Conference website: https://www.baas.ac.uk/conferences-events/digital-baas-the-digital-conference-2021/

Virtual Conference

British Forum for Ethnomusicology Annual Conference

8 – 11 April 2021

Bath Spa University

Keynote speaker: Dr Angela Impey (SOAS, University of London)

The 2020 theme will be Music, Culture and Nature.

In a time of mounting environmental concern, ethnomusicology is well placed to contribute to the achievements of ecomusicology (Allen and Dawe, 2016) that interrogate the ‘web of interactions between biodiversity, climate and human wellbeing’ (The Guardian, 6 May 2019). Indeed, ethnomusicologists have already provided insights into the cultural dimensions of ecological crises across a wide range of settings (Grant, 2018; Silvers, 2018). Building on the BFE one-day conference ‘Listening for a Change: Music, Environment, Action’ in 2011, this annual conference will develop ethnomusicology’s critical engagement with the most recent research from disciplines such as environmental science, environmental humanities, sound studies and ecomusicology. 

View the CAP virtual exhibit: https://www.combinedacademic.co.uk/ethnomusicology-2021/

British Forum for Ethnomusicology website: https://bfe.org.uk/conf/music-culture-and-nature

Virtual Conference

Society for the Study of Theology Conference

12 – 14 April 2021

The next SST conference will be held online between 12-14 April 2021. The conference theme is: ‘Theology at the Borders’. Tickets are £30 for members (or £10/day) and £40 for non-members (or £15/day).

Further information about how this online SST conference will work will be available in due course.

View the CAP virtual exhibit: https://www.combinedacademic.co.uk/theology/

View a conference overview and list of keynote speakers here: https://www.theologysociety.org.uk/information/2021-conference/

Virtual Conference

Society for Latin American Studies Conference

12 – 16 April 2021

The conference is the key event in our calendar, attracting 200-350 participants. It takes place during the Easter vacation in different locations each year.

Academic panels vary widely, from economics to music via anthropology, politics, history, literature, geography and film. We have a keynote speaker and social events which in the past have included visits to galleries, film festivals and which culminate in the conference dinner with salsa dancing.

More info: https://www.slas.org.uk/events

Virtual Book Talk

Gender, Sexuality, and Violence in Communist Poland

14 April 2021, 17:00 BST

Department of History, University of Maryland

Save the date! The Department of History will welcome Agnieszka Koscianska of the University of Warsaw to talk about her work on gender, sexuality, and violence in Communist Poland. 

Discussants: Piotr Kosicki (UMD) and Philip Soergel (UMD).

While Polish citizens undoubtedly suffered under the oppressive totalitarianism of socialism, abortion was legal, clear laws protected victims of rape, and it was relatively easy to legally change one’s gender. In Gender, Pleasure, and Violence, Agnieszka Kościańska reveals that sexologists—experts such as physicians, therapists, and educators—not only treated patients but also held sex education classes at school, published regular columns in the press, and authored highly popular sex manuals that sold millions of copies.

More details: https://history.umd.edu/events/gender-sexuality-and-violence-communist-poland

Virtual Conference

Association for Art History’s 47th Annual Conference

14 – 17 April 2021

University of Birmingham

The 2021 Annual Conference will be 50% bigger than usual, with more international sessions, more workshops and more keynotes. The 2021 Annual Conference will also accommodate some sessions from the 2020 conference that was cancelled.  We will continue to work with the Department of Art History, Curating and Visual Studies at the University of Birmingham, and with museums and galleries in Birmingham on the 2021 Annual Conference. Speakers and attendees will be invited to participate and present digitally, and participate in digital session discussions and debates on-screen, using a secure virtual event platform. Session and paper formats will remain the same, and the four-day programme will continue to offer a range of additional workshops, virtual tours, keynote lectures and networking opportunities for delegates.

View the CAP virtual exhibit: https://www.combinedacademic.co.uk/association-for-art-history/

Conference website: https://forarthistory.org.uk/our-work/conference/2021-annual-conference/

Virtual Conference

Northern Network for Medical Humanities Research Conference

21 – 23 April 2021

Institute for Medical Humanities, Durham University

The fourth Northern Network for Medical Humanities Research (NNMHR) Congress will be held online on 21–23 April 2021, in collaboration with the Institute for Medical Humanities, Durham. The aim of the Congress is simple: it is an opportunity for people who are passionate or even simply curious about medical humanities research to present their work, share ideas, and meet potential future colleagues and collaborators. The Congress is not limited to members of the network.

View the CAP virtual exhibit for an exclusive conference discount on Medical Humanities titles: https://www.combinedacademic.co.uk/medical-humanities/

Conference website: http://nnmh.org.uk/call-for-papers-nnmhr-4th-annual-congress-21st-13rd-april-2021-online/

Virtual Book Launch

The Migrant Diaries by Lynne Jones

28 April 2021

Hosted via Zoom by Combined Academic Publishers, in collaboration with Choose Love

What is it like to run away from bombing, lose your family, and work out how to take care of yourself in a foreign country when you are seven years old? What do you do when the woman who promised you a good job in Europe turns out to have sold you into prostitution? How do you escape from torture and detention in Libya? What is it like to almost drown in the Mediterranean and then be confined in a garbage and rat-filled settlement on a Greek island for years? In this book, Lynne Jones answers these questions by combining direct testimony from children with a blazingly frank eyewitness account of providing mental health support on the front line of the migrant crisis across Europe and Central America in the past five years. 

Details on how to attend will be provided in due course.

Virtual Book Launch

The Surrendered by José Carlos Agüero

29 April 2021, 17:00 – 18:30 GMT

UCL Institute of the Americas

When Peruvian public intellectual José Carlos Agüero was a child, the government imprisoned and executed his parents, who were members of Shining Path. In The Surrendered—originally published in Spanish in 2015 and appearing here in English for the first time—Agüero reflects on his parents’ militancy and the violence and aftermath of Peru’s internal armed conflict. He examines his parents’ radicalization, their lives as guerrillas, and his tumultuous childhood, which was spent in fear of being captured or killed, while grappling with the complexities of public memory, ethics and responsibility, human rights, and reconciliation. Much more than a memoir, The Surrendered is a disarming and moving consideration of what forgiveness and justice might mean in the face of hate. This edition includes an editor’s introduction, a timeline of the Peruvian conflict, and an extensive interview with the author

Find out more: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/americas/events/2021/apr/book-launch-surrendered-jose-carlos-aguero-duke-university-press-2021

View 2020 virtual conference exhibits here: