eBook Purchasing

Our publishers’ eBooks can be purchased in a variety of ways. Our publishers have partnered with several companies to offer you the flexibility of purchasing eBooks in a way that suits you.

For individuals

As well as through our own website, our publishers’ eBooks are available to purchase from a variety of vendors and retailers. These include:

If you have purchased an eBook through the CAP website, please visit this page for instructions on how to access it through VitalSource: How to access your eBook

For libraries

We have partnered with a host of major library suppliers and aggregators to facilitate library purchasing. These partners include:

They offer a range of purchasing models to suit your needs, and we continue to work with them and new partners to widen library purchasing options.

We are happy to answer any questions you have related to eBook purchashing.

If you have a query, please send an email to enquiries@combinedacademic.co.uk

Digital inspection copies

Please click here if you’d like to request an inspection copy.