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Indiana University Press aims to publish books that will matter twenty or even a hundred years from now—books that make a difference today and will live on into the future through their reverberations in the minds of teachers and writers.

Founded in 1950, Indiana University Press is recognized internationally as a leading academic publisher specializing in the humanities and social sciences. Indiana University Press produces approximately 170 new books annually, in addition to 35 journals, and maintain a backlist of some 2,000 titles. 

Indiana University Press’s major subject areas include African, African American, Asian, cultural, Jewish and Holocaust, Middle East, Russian and East European, and women’s and gender studies; anthropology, film, history, bioethics, music, paleontology, philanthropy, philosophy, and religion.  

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Indiana Featured Titles

The Digital Frontier

Infrastructures of Control on the Global Web

Sangeet Kumar

25 May 2021

Contemporary Korean Shamanism

From Ritual to Digital

Liora Sarfati

3 August 2021

Hungary between Two Empires 1526–1711

Géza Pálffy

8 June 2021

Kinship, Islam, and the Politics of Marriage in Jordan

Affection and Mercy

Geoffrey F. Hughes

1 June 2021

The Perfect Vagina

Cosmetic Surgery in the Twenty-First Century

Lindy McDougall

4 May 2021

Religious Television and Pious Authority in Pakistan

Taha Kazi

6 April 2021

The Outside

Migration as Life in Morocco

Alice Elliot

6 April 2021

England in the Age of Austen

Jeremy Black

2 March 2021

The Performing Pianist's Guide to Fingering

Joseph Banowetz, Philip Fowke, Nancy Lee Harper

9 February 2021

Gender, Pleasure, and Violence

The Construction of Expert Knowledge of Sexuality in Poland

Agnieszka Kościańska, Marta Rozmysłowicz

1 January 2021

Soundscapes of Uyghur Islam

Rachel Harris

3 November 2020

The Yoruba

A New History

Akinwumi Ogundiran

3 November 2020

Quick Hits for Teaching with Digital Humanities

Successful Strategies from Award-Winning Teachers

Christopher J. Young, Michael C. Morrone, Thomas C. Wilson, Emma Annette Wilson, Edward L. Ayers

6 October 2020

Foresters, Borders, and Bark Beetles

The Future of Europe's Last Primeval Forest

Eunice Blavascunas

29 September 2020

"Can You Run Away from Sorrow?"

Mothers Left Behind in 1990s Belgrade

Ivana Bajic-Hajdukovic

6 October 2020

Women and the Decade of Commemorations

Oona Frawley, Mary McAuliffe, Diane Urquhart, Laura McAtackney, Dianne Hall, Síobhra Aiken, Sonja Tiernan, Finnuala Walsh, Donna Gilligan, Margaret Ward, Eve Morrison, Roisín Higgins, Maeve Casserly, Brenda O'Connell, Sinéad Kennedy, Eli Davies, Linda Connolly

23 March 2021

Reclaiming Popular Documentary

Christie Milliken, Steve F. Anderson, Ezra Winton, Patricia Aufderheide, Zoë Druick, Devon Coutts, Sabiha Ahmad Khan, Anthony Kinik, Michael Brendan Baker, Allison de Fren, Jonathan Kahana, Shilyh Warren, S. Topiary Landberg, Landon Palmer, Dylan Nelson, Alexandra Juhasz, Rick Prelinger, George S. Larke-Walsh

6 July 2021

Fritz Bauer

The Jewish Prosecutor Who Brought Eichmann and Auschwitz to Trial

Ronen Steinke, Sinead Crowe

7 April 2020

Indiana Featured Series

Framing the Global

Acquisitions Editor: Jennika Baines

The Framing the Global series seeks to publish innovative work on the relationship between content and structure, the individual and the universal, and the local and the global in the field of Global Studies. The series develops innovative approaches to explain global phenomena and provides means of tracing and and exploring the transnational links which are too often left out of Global Studies. 

Studies in Antisemitism

Editor: Alvin H. Rosenfeld

Responding to a global upsurge in antisemitic rhetoric and actions in recent decades, the Studies in Antisemitism series focuses on the intellectual and ideological roots of what has been called the new antisemitism and seek to elucidate the social, cultural, religious, and political forces that nurture such hostility. The volumes in the series will aim to clarify what is new and what has been inherited from the antisemitic lexicons of the past.

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