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Duke Featured Titles

Haunting Biology

Science and Indigeneity in Australia

Emma Kowal

17 November 2023

Get Shown the Light

Improvisation and Transcendence in the Music of the Grateful Dead

Michael Kaler

17 November 2023

Making Gaybies

Queer Reproduction and Multiracial Feeling

Jaya Keaney

3 November 2023

Marx for Cats

A Radical Bestiary

Leigh Claire La Berge

3 November 2023


R&B Music and the Materiality of BlackFem Voices and Technology

Alexander Ghedi Weheliye

3 November 2023

The Black Geographic

Praxis, Resistance, Futurity

Camilla Hawthorne, Jovan Scott Lewis

27 October 2023

The Affect Theory Reader 2

Worldings, Tensions, Futures

Gregory J. Seigworth, Carolyn Pedwell

13 October 2023

Black Enlightenment

Surya Parekh

11 October 2023

Together, Somehow

Music, Affect, and Intimacy on the Dancefloor

Luis Manuel Garcia-Mispireta

3 October 2023


a fake-punk self-hurt anti-memoir

Kawika Guillermo

12 September 2023

Revolutionary Feminists

The Women's Liberation Movement in Seattle

Barbara Winslow

8 August 2023

Dreams in Double Time

On Race, Freedom, and Bebop

Jonathan Leal

8 August 2023

The Girl in the Yellow Poncho

A Memoir

Kristal Brent Zook

8 August 2023

The Pulse of the Earth

Political Geology in Java

Adam Bobbette

4 August 2023

The Cunning of Gender Violence

Geopolitics and Feminism

Lila Abu-Lughod, Rema Hammami, Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian

2 August 2023

The Sovereign Self

Aesthetic Autonomy from the Enlightenment to the Avant-Garde

Grant H. Kester

2 August 2023

The Virus Touch

Theorizing Epidemic Media

Bishnupriya Ghosh

7 April 2023


McKenzie Wark

14 March 2023


Lindsey A. Freeman

14 March 2023


Christopher Schaberg

14 March 2023


Stewart Lawrence Sinclair

14 March 2023

Letterpress Revolution

The Politics of Anarchist Print Culture

Kathy E. Ferguson

24 February 2023

Rising Up, Living On

Re-Existences, Sowings, and Decolonial Cracks

Catherine E. Walsh

10 February 2023

Eating beside Ourselves

Thresholds of Foods and Bodies

Heather Paxson

3 February 2023

Bad Education

Why Queer Theory Teaches Us Nothing

Lee Edelman

27 January 2023

Uncomfortable Television

Hunter Hargraves

20 January 2023

Wake Up, This Is Joburg

Tanya Zack, Mark Lewis

6 January 2023

No Machos or Pop Stars

When the Leeds Art Experiment Went Punk

Gavin Butt

18 October 2022

The Promise of Multispecies Justice

Sophie Chao, Karin Bolender, Eben Kirksey

7 October 2022

Breathing Aesthetics

Jean-Thomas Tremblay

30 September 2022

On the Inconvenience of Other People

Lauren Berlant

20 September 2022

A Kiss across the Ocean

Transatlantic Intimacies of British Post-Punk and US Latinidad

Richard T. Rodríguez

13 September 2022

A Time of One's Own

Histories of Feminism in Contemporary Art

Catherine Grant

9 September 2022

TV Snapshots

An Archive of Everyday Life

Lynn Spigel

12 August 2022

Cistem Failure

Essays on Blackness and Cisgender

Marquis Bey

2 August 2022

A Primer for Teaching Digital History

Ten Design Principles

Jennifer Guiliano

8 July 2022

Duke Featured Series

Experimental Futures

Series editors: Michael M. J. Fischer & Joseph Dumit

Experimental Futures brings together theoretically innovative, ethnographically rich interdisciplinary work that is emerging in response to the uneven networks and differentiating cultures brought about by globally extended, as well as locally produced, biotechnologies, information technologies, digital humanities, bio and electronic arts. Experimental Futures is home to scholarship produced at the intersection of anthropology, science and technology studies, medicine, political economy, and studies of new media and arts.

The Latin American Readers

Series editors: Robin Kirk & Orin Starn

This series, founded by Valerie Millholland, provides readers with a deep, human view of Latin America’s many faces. Each volume will focus on a single country and cover the main themes in its history and contemporary life, including migration and urbanization, racial and ethnic diversity, art and culture, war and political strife, women’s rights, the environment, economic reform, and democracy.

Theory in Forms

Series editors: Nancy Rose Hunt & Achille Mbembe

Theory in Forms presents new writing showcasing the import of new political contours in our planetary times of crisis, racializations, and securitization. The books address temporal and spatial scales—whether global, transnational, or intimate—and emphasize movement, borders, enclaves, and impasses in (post)colonies, global South(s), and beyond. Inciting experimentation with structure, methods, and the practice of writing, the series argues that form enables theory.

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