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Duke University Press, internationally recognized as a prominent publisher of books and journals, publishes approximately 120 books annually and over 40 journals, as well as offering five electronic collections.

The Press publishes primarily in the humanities and social sciences and is known as a publisher willing to take chances with nontraditional and interdisciplinary publications. The Press seeks to pursue its objectives with vision and integrity and a commitment to the highest standards of both critical scholarly review and professional publishing judgment.

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Duke Featured Titles

Good night the pleasure was ours

David Grubbs

26 April 2022

How Machines Came to Speak

Media Technologies and Freedom of Speech

Jennifer Petersen

8 April 2022

Plastic Matter

Heather Davis

18 March 2022

There's a Disco Ball Between Us

A Theory of Black Gay Life

Jafari S. Allen

28 February 2022

Confidence Culture

Shani Orgad, Rosalind Gill

9 February 2022

Climate Lyricism

Min Hyoung Song

9 February 2022

Media Hot and Cold

Nicole Starosielski

11 January 2022

On Living with Television

Amy Holdsworth

17 December 2021

Becoming Palestine

Toward an Archival Imagination of the Future

Gil Z. Hochberg

6 December 2021

Hegemonic Mimicry

Korean Popular Culture of the Twenty-First Century

Kyung Hyun Kim

19 November 2021


The Cultural Politics of Unfeeling in Nineteenth-Century America

Xine Yao

12 November 2021

Writings on Media

History of the Present

Stuart Hall, Charlotte Brunsdon

11 November 2021

The Deconstruction of Sex

Jean-Luc Nancy, Irving Goh

5 November 2021

Between Gaia and Ground

Four Axioms of Existence and the Ancestral Catastrophe of Late Liberalism

Elizabeth A. Povinelli

25 October 2021

The Nature of Space

Milton Santos, Brenda Baletti, Susanna Hecht

6 October 2021

Philosophy for Spiders

On the Low Theory of Kathy Acker

McKenzie Wark

28 September 2021


Sara Ahmed

28 September 2021

Birthing Black Mothers

Jennifer C. Nash

20 August 2021

Duke Featured Series

Experimental Futures

Series editors: Michael M. J. Fischer & Joseph Dumit

Experimental Futures brings together theoretically innovative, ethnographically rich interdisciplinary work that is emerging in response to the uneven networks and differentiating cultures brought about by globally extended, as well as locally produced, biotechnologies, information technologies, digital humanities, bio and electronic arts. Experimental Futures is home to scholarship produced at the intersection of anthropology, science and technology studies, medicine, political economy, and studies of new media and arts.

The Latin American Readers

Series editors: Robin Kirk & Orin Starn

This series, founded by Valerie Millholland, provides readers with a deep, human view of Latin America’s many faces. Each volume will focus on a single country and cover the main themes in its history and contemporary life, including migration and urbanization, racial and ethnic diversity, art and culture, war and political strife, women’s rights, the environment, economic reform, and democracy.

Theory in Forms

Series editors: Nancy Rose Hunt & Achille Mbembe

Theory in Forms presents new writing showcasing the import of new political contours in our planetary times of crisis, racializations, and securitization. The books address temporal and spatial scales—whether global, transnational, or intimate—and emphasize movement, borders, enclaves, and impasses in (post)colonies, global South(s), and beyond. Inciting experimentation with structure, methods, and the practice of writing, the series argues that form enables theory.

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