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Music in Black American Life, 1600-1945

A University of Illinois Press Anthology

Laurie Matheson, Sandra Jean Graham, R. Reid Badger, Rae Linda Brown, Samuel A. Floyd Jr., Sandra Jean Graham, Jeffrey Magee, Robert M. Marovich, Harriet Ottenheimer, Eileen Southern, Katrina Dyonne Thompson, Stephen Wade, Charles Wolfe

23 August 2022

Music in Black American Life, 1945-2020

A University of Illinois Press Anthology

Laurie Matheson, Tammy L. Kernodle, Nelson George, Wayne Everett Goins, Claudrena N. Harold, Eileen M. Hayes, Loren Kajikawa, Robin D.G. Kelley, Tammy L. Kernodle, Cheryl L. Keyes, Gwendolyn D Pough, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Mark Tucker, Sherrie Tucker

23 August 2022

Food Instagram

Identity, Influence, and Negotiation

Emily J. H. Contois, Zenia Kish, Laurence Allard, Joceline Andersen, Emily Buddle, Robin Caldwell, Sarah Cramer, Gaby David, Sara Garcia Santamaria, Deborah Harris, KC Hysmith, Alex Ketchum, Katherine Kirkwood, Jonatan Leer, Yue-Chiu Bonni Leung, Yi-Chieh Jessica Lin, Rachel Phillips, Michael Z. Newman, Tsugumi Okabe, Tara Schuwerk, Stinne Gunder Strøm Krogager, Sarah E Tracy, Emily Truman, Dawn Woolley, Zara Worth

31 May 2022

Buy Black

How Black Women Transformed US Pop Culture

Aria S. Halliday

26 April 2022

A House for the Struggle

The Black Press and the Built Environment in Chicago

E. James West

26 April 2022

Citizen Spielberg

Lester D. Friedman

15 February 2022

Music as Mao's Weapon

Remembering the Cultural Revolution

Lei X. Ouyang

25 January 2022

Dressed for Freedom

The Fashionable Politics of American Feminism

Einav Rabinovitch-Fox

16 November 2021

Cheffes de Cuisine

Women and Work in the Professional French Kitchen

Rachel E. Black

26 October 2021


How Girls of Color Find and Define Themselves in the Digital Age

Kimberly A. Scott

12 October 2021

The Poetics of Difference

Queer Feminist Forms in the African Diaspora

Mecca Jamilah Sullivan

12 October 2021

Movie Workers

The Women Who Made British Cinema

Melanie Bell

6 July 2021

Technology and the Historian

Transformations in the Digital Age

Adam Crymble

13 April 2021

Diary of a Philosophy Student

Volume 1, 1926-27

Simone de Beauvoir, Barbara Klaw, Sylvie Le Bon de Beauvoir, Margaret A. Simons, Marybeth Timmermann, Barbara Klaw

23 February 2021

Diary of a Philosophy Student

Volume 2, 1928-29

Simone Beauvoir, Barbara Klaw, Sylvie Le Bon de Beauvoir, Margaret A. Simons, Marybeth Timmermann

23 February 2021

Mobilizing Black Germany

Afro-German Women and the Making of a Transnational Movement

Tiffany N. Florvil

28 December 2020

The Huawei Model

The Rise of China's Technology Giant

Yun Wen

2 November 2020

Remaking Muslim Lives

Everyday Islam in Postwar Bosnia and Herzegovina

David Henig

5 October 2020

Illinois Featured Series

Music in American Life

Acquiring Editor: Laurie Matheson

Music in American Life is a longstanding series that embodies the twin goals of documenting the place of music in American culture and the cultural life that gives rise to particular musical forms. Encompassing the broadest range of music, from classical through all forms of American vernacular music, the series welcomes a variety of approaches to the topic of music in American life, including monographs, biographies, memoirs, reference books, readers, and edited collections.

Women and Film History International

Acquiring Editor: Daniel Nasset
Series Editors: Kay Armatage, Jane M. Gaines & Christine Gledhill

A new generation of motion picture historians has discovered that women have been much more influential as spectators, actors, and producers in world film history than previously thought. The series investigates the significance of gender in the cinema century by taking advantage of new print material and moving picture archival discoveries as well as the benefits of digital access and storage. The Women and the Silent Screen conferences held in the Netherlands, United States, Canada, and Mexico indicate an internationalization of research efforts.

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