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Founded in 1969, Temple University Press chose as its inspiration Russell Conwell’s vision of the university as a place of educational opportunity for the urban working class.

The Press is perhaps best known as a publisher of books in the social sciences and the humanities, as well as books about Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley region. Temple was an early publisher of books in urban studies, housing and labor studies, organizational reform, social service reform, public religion, health care, and cultural studies. It became one of the first university presses to publish in what later became the fields of women’s studies, ethnic studies—including Asian American and Latino studies, as well as African American Studies.

Today, it continues in those fields and in newer ones such as disability studies, animal rights, criminology, gender and sexual identity, and sport and society. Temple’s regional list encompasses scholarly books, coffee table books, and books about art, culture, birding, fishing, hiking, sports teams, and the urban and suburban environments.

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Temple Featured Titles

Political Black Girl Magic

The Elections and Governance of Black Female Mayors

Sharon D. Wright Austin, Pearl K. Dowe

2 June 2023

Richard III's Bodies from Medieval England to Modernity

Shakespeare and Disability History

Jeffrey R. Wilson

2 October 2022

Just Care

Messy Entanglements of Disability, Dependency, and Desire

Akemi Nishida

15 July 2022

Regarding Animals

Arnold Arluke, Clinton Sanders, Leslie Irvine

1 July 2022

What Workers Say

Decades of Struggle and How to Make Real Opportunity Now

Roberta Iversen

17 June 2022

Beethoven in Beijing

Stories from the Philadelphia Orchestra's Historic Journey to China

Jennifer Lin, Yannick Nézet-Séguin

29 April 2022

On Gangs

Scott H. Decker, David C. Pyrooz, James A. Densley

21 January 2022

Gangs on Trial

Challenging Stereotypes and Demonization in the Courts

John M. Hagedorn, Craig Haney

12 January 2022

Making a Scene

Urban Landscapes, Gentrification, and Social Movements in Sweden

Kimberly A. Creasap

27 December 2021

Fitting the Facts of Crime

An Invitation to Biopsychosocial Criminology

Chad Posick, Michael Rocque, J.C. Barnes, John Braithwaite

27 December 2021

Islam, Justice, and Democracy

Sabri Ciftci

10 December 2021

Vehicles of Decolonization

Public Transit in the Palestinian West Bank

Maryam S. Griffin

22 November 2021

The Many Futures of Work

Rethinking Expectations and Breaking Molds

Peter A. Creticos, Larry Bennett, Laura Owen, Costas Spirou, Maxine Morphis-Riesbeck

5 November 2021

Invisible People

Stories of Lives at the Margins

Alex Tizon, Sam Howe Verhovek

2 November 2021

"Beyond the Law"

The Politics of Ending the Death Penalty for Sodomy in Britain

Charles Upchurch

15 October 2021

Who Really Makes Environmental Policy?

Creating and Implementing Environmental Rules and Regulations

Sara R. Rinfret

24 September 2021

Filling the Ark

Animal Welfare in Disasters

Leslie Irvine

30 June 2021

The Evolution of a Cricket Fan

My Shapeshifting Journey

Samir Chopra

21 June 2021

Temple Featured Series

Urban Life, Landscape, and Policy

Series editors: David Stradling, Larry Bennett & Davarian Baldwin

The Urban Life, Landscape, and Policy Series was founded by the late Zane L. Miller to publish books that examine past and contemporary cities. While preserving the series’ foundational focus on the policy, planning, and environmental issues so central to metropolitan life, we also join scholarly efforts to push the boundaries of urban studies. We are committed to publishing work at the shifting intersections of cultural production, community formation, and political economy that shape cities at all scales, from the neighborhood to the transnational.

Religious Engagement in Democratic Politics

Series editor: Paul A. Djupe

The Religious Engagement in Democratic Politics series will collect work that explores in theoretically and empirically rigorous ways variations in and determinants of religious presence in the politics of democratic nations—from those with a long history of institutionalized democracy to those struggling to establish free, contested elections and systems of rights and liberties. Books in the series will demonstrate application of one or more of a variety of quantitative and qualitative methodologies to explore the robust and highly variable presence of religion in democracies.

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