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The University of Notre Dame Press, the largest Catholic university press in the world, publishes academic and general interest books that engage the most enduring questions of our time. We believe in the power of research to advance knowledge and impact lives, and of our books to connect scholars, experts, students, and readers in order to encourage intellectual exploration and enrich conversations on campus, across the country, and around the world.

The Press primarily publishes in areas that align with the academic strengths of the University of Notre Dame, including religion, theology, history, philosophy, political science and theory, medieval studies, Irish studies, Latin American studies, and international relations. Through reviews, scholarly citations, and translations, our books extend the reach and reputation of the University.

The University of Notre Dame Press is committed to maintaining an innovative and sustainable publishing program that makes accessible the ideas of today’s leading experts while fostering the next generation of scholars and thinkers. Although the world is confronted by an increasing number of imposing challenges, our books and authors are a powerful force for good in the world.

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Notre Dame Featured Titles

The Collapse of Freedom of Expression

Reconstructing the Ancient Roots of Modern Liberty

Jordi Pujol, John Durham Peters

15 February 2023

William Still

The Underground Railroad and the Angel at Philadelphia

William C. Kashatus

15 January 2023

Conservatism in a Divided America

The Right and Identity Politics

George Hawley

1 November 2022

Don't Think for Yourself

Authority and Belief in Medieval Philosophy

Peter Adamson

15 October 2022

Dante's Multitudes

History, Philosophy, Method

Teodolinda Barolini

15 October 2022

An Inconvenient Apocalypse

Environmental Collapse, Climate Crisis, and the Fate of Humanity

Wes Jackson, Robert Jensen

1 September 2022

Alasdair MacIntyre

An Intellectual Biography

Émile Perreau-Saussine, Nathan J. Pinkoski, Pierre Manent

1 September 2022

Agrarian Spirit

Cultivating Faith, Community, and the Land

Norman Wirzba

1 August 2022

Bad Mothers, Bad Daughters

Maya Sonenberg

1 August 2022

Incomprehensible Certainty

Metaphysics and Hermeneutics of the Image

Thomas Pfau

1 June 2022

You Are Gods

On Nature and Supernature

David Bentley Hart

1 April 2022


Eight Enduring Questions

C. Stephen Layman

1 March 2022

Future Peace

Technology, Aggression, and the Rush to War

Robert H. Latiff

1 March 2022

Curing Mad Truths

Medieval Wisdom for the Modern Age

Rémi Brague

15 February 2022


From Default Atheism to the Surprise of Revelation

William Desmond

15 November 2021

Aquinas and the Infused Moral Virtues

Angela McKay Knobel

15 October 2021

Between Two Millstones, Book 1

Sketches of Exile, 1974–1978

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Peter Constantine, Daniel J. Mahoney

1 October 2021

The Way of Medicine

Ethics and the Healing Profession

Farr Curlin, Christopher Tollefsen

15 August 2021


Gregory Mellema

15 August 2021

The Identitarians

The Movement against Globalism and Islam in Europe

José Pedro Zúquete

15 July 2021

Creation ex nihilo

Origins, Development, Contemporary Challenges

Gary A. Anderson, Markus Bockmuehl

15 July 2021

Disturbing Spirits

Mental Illness, Trauma, and Treatment in Modern Syria and Lebanon

Beverly A. Tsacoyianis

15 June 2021

Liturgical Song and Practice in Dante's Commedia

Helena Phillips-Robins

15 April 2021

Stories from Palestine

Narratives of Resilience

Marda Dunsky

1 March 2021

Notre Dame Featured Series

The Center for Ethics and Culture Solzhenitsyn Series

Under the sponsorship of the de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture at the University of Notre Dame, this series showcases the contributions and continuing inspiration of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918–2008), the Nobel Prize–winning novelist and historian. The series makes available works of Solzhenitsyn, including previously untranslated works, and aims to provide the leading platform for exploring the many facets of his enduring legacy. In his novels, essays, memoirs, and speeches, Solzhenitsyn revealed the devastating core of totalitarianism and warned against political, economic, and cultural dangers to the human spirit. In addition to publishing his work, this new series features thoughtful writers and commentators who draw inspiration from Solzhenitsyn’s abiding care for Christianity and the West, and for the best of the Russian tradition. Through contributions in politics, literature, philosophy, and the arts, these writers follow Solzhenitsyn’s trail in a world filled with new pitfalls and new possibilities for human freedom and human dignity.

Catholic Ideas for a Secular World

Series Editor: O. Carter Snead

The purpose of this interdisciplinary series is to feature authors from around the world who will expand the influence of Catholic thought on the most important conversations in academia and the public square. The series is “Catholic” in the sense that the books will emphasize and engage the enduring themes of human dignity and flourishing, the common good, truth, beauty, justice, and freedom in ways that reflect and deepen principles affirmed by the Catholic Church for millennia. It is not limited to Catholic authors or even works that explicitly take Catholic principles as a point of departure. Its books are intended to demonstrate the diversity and enhance the relevance of these enduring themes and principles in numerous subjects, ranging from the arts and humanities to the sciences.

ReFormations: Medieval and Early Modern

Series Editors: David Aers, Sarah Beckwith & James Simpson

ReFormations: Medieval and Early Modern interrogates and challenges the ways in which the academy has divided the study of early English literature and its history into two separate, almost incommensurate realms, medieval and early modern. The series is reforming this practice by publishing a range of literary, historical, and cultural works that will move easily across old divisions.

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