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Fordham University Press, a member of the Association of American University Presses (AAUP) since 1938, was established in 1907 not only to represent and uphold the values and traditions of the University itself, but also to further those values and traditions through the dissemination of scholarly research and ideas.

The press publishes primarily in the humanities and the social sciences, with an emphasis on the fields of anthropology, philosophy, theology, history, classics, communications, economics, sociology, business, political science, and law, as well as literature and the fine arts. Additionally, the press publishes books focusing on the metropolitan New York region and books of interest to the general public.


Featured Titles


Jean-Luc Nancy, Steven Miller

1 May 2021

Gasoline Dreams

Waking Up from Petroculture

Simon Orpana, Imre Szeman, Mark Simpson

7 September 2021

Cold War Reckonings

Authoritarianism and the Genres of Decolonization

Jini Kim Watson

3 August 2021

The Form of Love

Poetry’s Quarrel with Philosophy

James Kuzner

3 August 2021

Shattering Biopolitics

Militant Listening and the Sound of Life

Naomi Waltham-Smith

6 July 2021

Hijras, Lovers, Brothers

Surviving Sex and Poverty in Rural India

Vaibhav Saria

18 May 2021

Medieval Nonsense

Signifying Nothing in Fourteenth-Century England

Jordan Kirk

4 May 2021

The Migrant Diaries

Lynne Jones

2 April 2021

Between Form and Faith

Graham Greene and the Catholic Novel

Martyn Sampson

3 August 2021

In Defense of Secrets

Anne Dufourmantelle, Lindsay Turner

5 January 2021

Girl Head

Feminism and Film Materiality

Genevieve Yue

10 November 2020

Like a Lake

A Story of Uneasy Love and Photography

Carol Mavor

20 October 2020

Living with Concepts

Anthropology in the Grip of Reality

Andrew Brandel, Marco Motta, Jocelyn Benoist, Andrew Brandel, Michael Cordey, Veena Das, Rasmus Dyring, Michael D. Jackson, Michael Lambek, Sandra Laugier, Marco Motta, Michael Puett, Lotte Buch Segal, Thomas Schwarz Wentzer

15 June 2021

In Your Eyes I See My Words

Homilies and Speeches from Buenos Aires, Volume 3: 2009-2013

Pope Francis, Marina A. Herrera, Antonio Spadaro, Patrick J. Ryan

27 October 2020

Arvo Pärt

Sounding the Sacred

Peter C. Bouteneff, Jeffers Engelhardt, Robert Saler, Andrew Albin, Peter C. Bouteneff, Maria Cizmic, Jeffers Engelhardt, Adriana Helbig, Paul Hillier, Kevin Karnes, Alexander Lingas, Christopher May, Ivan Moody, Robert Saler, Andrew Shenton, Toomas Siitan, Sevin Yaraman

1 December 2020

Textures of the Ordinary

Doing Anthropology after Wittgenstein

Veena Das

5 May 2020

Crimmigrant Nations

Resurgent Nationalism and the Closing of Borders

Robert Koulish, Maartje van der Woude, Ana Aliverti, Leonidas Cheliotis, Lana De Pelecijn, Steven De Ridder, Simone Durham, Helene O. Gundhus, Zeynap Kasli, Witold Klaus, Robert Koulish, Agnieszka Kubal, Dario Melossi, Alejandro Olayo-Méndez, Tony Platt, Doris Marie Provine, Rashawn Ray, Juliet Stumpf, Maartje van der Woude, Sappho Xenakis, Zeynap Yanasmayan

3 March 2020

Osnabrück Station to Jerusalem

Hélène Cixous, Peggy Kamuf, Eva Hoffman

3 March 2020

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