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Founded in 1941, the University of Nebraska Press is a nonprofit scholarly and general interest press that publishes 170 new and reprint titles annually under the Nebraska, Bison Books, and Potomac Books imprints, and in partnership with the Jewish Publication Society, along with 30 journals. As the largest and most diversified university press between Chicago and California, with 3,000 books in print, the University of Nebraska Press is best known for publishing works in Native studies, history, sports, anthropology and geography, American studies and cultural criticism, and creative works.

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Indigenous Studies


Military History

Food Studies

Jewish Studies

History of Space Flight

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Nebraska Catalogues

Nebraska Featured Titles

History of Theory and Method in Anthropology

Regna Darnell

23 May 2022

Feminist Formalism and Early Modern Women's Writing

Readings, Conversations, Pedagogies

Lara Dodds, Michelle M. Dowd

9 May 2022

Slow Narrative and Nonhuman Materialities

Marco Caracciolo

1 March 2022

Girl Archaeologist

Sisterhood in a Sexist Profession

Alice Beck Kehoe

1 March 2022

Animal Bodies

On Death, Desire, and Other Difficulties

Suzanne Roberts

1 March 2022

In the Net

Mahmoudan Hawad, Christopher Wise, Helene Hawad

1 February 2022

The Black Populations of France

Histories from Metropole to Colony

Sylvain Pattieu, Emmanuelle Sibeud, Tyler Stovall

1 February 2022

Red Letters

Two Fervent Liverpool FC Supporters Correspond through the Epic Season That Wouldn't End

Michael MacCambridge, Neil Atkinson, Grant Wahl

1 November 2021

A Long Voyage to the Moon

The Life of Naval Aviator and Apollo 17 Astronaut Ron Evans

Geoffrey Bowman, Jack Lousma

1 November 2021

Negative Geographies

Exploring the Politics of Limits

David Bissell, Mitch Rose, Paul Harrison

1 November 2021

South of Somewhere

Wine, Food, and the Soul of Italy

Robert V. Camuto

1 October 2021


A History

Kenneth O'Reilly

1 July 2021

Buying into Change

Mass Consumption, Dictatorship, and Democratization in Franco's Spain, 1939-1982

Alejandro J. Gómez del Moral

1 May 2021

A Warning for Fair Women

Adultery and Murder in Shakespeare's Theater

Ann C. Christensen

1 May 2021

Contested Utopia

Jewish Dreams and Israeli Realities

Marc J. Rosenstein

1 March 2021

Good Neighbors, Bad Times Revisited

New Echoes of My Father's German Village

Mimi Schwartz

1 March 2021

A Place More Void

Paul Kingsbury, Anna J. Secor

1 February 2021

Optional-Narrator Theory

Principles, Perspectives, Proposals

Sylvie Patron

1 February 2021

Nebraska Featured Series

Cultural Geographies + Rewriting the Earth

Series Editors: Paul Kingsbury & Arun Saldanha

Cultural geography has witnessed profound changes in recent years on three interrelated levels: theoretical, methodological, and sociopolitical. In terms of theory, new conceptions of culture have emerged that examine social and geographical differentiation as involving objects, affect, nonhumans, mobility, emotion, queerness, assemblage, materiality, the unconscious, biopolitics, relationality, and intersectionality.
This series, Cultural Geographies + Rewriting the Earth, provides a forum for cutting-edge research that embraces theoretical creativity, methodological experimentation, and ethico-political urgency. It provides a forum for a wide readership who desire to keep up with the innovations, debates, and agendas that define the humanities and social sciences today.

Outward Odyssey: A People’s History of Spaceflight

Series Editor: Colin Burgess

This series provides a popular history of spaceflight from the rocket scientists of the 1930s to today, focusing on the lives of astronauts, cosmonauts, technicians, scientists, and their families. These books place equal emphasis on the Soviets and the Americans and give priority to people over technology and nationalism. Series brings to life experiences that shaped the lives of astronauts and cosmonauts and forever changed their world and ours.

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