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The University of Washington Press is the nonprofit book and multimedia publishing arm of the University of Washington. The University of Washington Press plays an important role as the major scholarly publisher in the U.S. north of California and west of the Rockies. The Press has published approximately 4,400 books, of which about 1,400 are currently in print. Today we publish about sixty new titles each year.

The Press has especially distinguished lists in Asian studies, Middle East studies, anthropology, Western history and biography, environmental studies, and natural history. We are recognized as the foremost publisher in the country on the art and culture of the Northwest Coast Indians and Alaskan Eskimos, and as a leader in the publication of materials dealing with the Asian American experience. In recent years, the Press has established copublishing and distribution relationships with a growing list of art museums and other institutions around the world.

Key subject areas

Asian Studies

Art History


Environmental Studies

Indigenous Studies

Pacific Northwest

Asian American Fiction

Women’s & Feminist Studies

Washington Catalogues

Washington Featured Titles

Wetlands in a Dry Land

More-Than-Human Histories of Australia's Murray-Darling Basin

Emily O'Gorman, Paul S. Sutter, Paul S. Sutter

13 July 2021

Chinese Village Life Today

Building Families in an Age of Transition

Gonçalo Santos

22 August 2021

Healing with Poisons

Potent Medicines in Medieval China

Yan Liu

27 June 2021

The Empress in the Pepper Chamber

Zhao Feiyan in History and Fiction

Olivia Milburn

13 May 2021

Consuming Ivory

Mercantile Legacies of East Africa and New England

Alexandra Celia Kelly, K. Sivaramakrishnan, K. Sivaramakrishnan

18 May 2021

Greening East Asia

The Rise of the Eco-developmental State

Ashley Esarey, Mary Alice Haddad, Joanna I. Lewis, Stevan Harrell

30 November 2020

Sacred Cows and Chicken Manchurian

The Everyday Politics of Eating Meat in India

James Staples, K. Sivaramakrishnan, K. Sivaramakrishnan

15 November 2020

Seeds of Control

Japan’s Empire of Forestry in Colonial Korea

David Fedman, Paul S. Sutter, Paul S. Sutter

23 July 2020

Communist Pigs

An Animal History of East Germany's Rise and Fall

Thomas Fleischman, Paul S. Sutter, Paul S. Sutter

30 June 2020

Yumeji Modern

Designing the Everyday in Twentieth-Century Japan

Nozomi Naoi

30 April 2020

Disturbed Forests, Fragmented Memories

Jarai and Other Lives in the Cambodian Highlands

Jonathan Padwe, K. Sivaramakrishnan, K. Sivaramakrishnan

15 April 2020

Gandhi’s Search for the Perfect Diet

Eating with the World in Mind

Nico Slate, Anand A. Yang, K. Sivaramakrishnan, Padma Kaimal

16 March 2020

Washington Featured Series

Weyerhaeuser Environmental Books

Series editor: Paul S. Sutter

Weyerhaeuser Environmental Books explore human relationships with natural environments in all their variety and complexity. They seek to cast new light on the ways that natural systems affect human communities, the ways that people affect the environments of which they are a part, and the ways that different cultural conceptions of nature profoundly shape our sense of the world around us.

Decolonizing Feminisms: Antiracist and Transnational Praxis

Series editor: Piya Chatterjee

Decolonizing Feminisms explores the integral connections between theory, activism, policy making and other forms of social action. The series brings together new work by US women of color, Indigenous, and transnational feminists to envision critical and imaginative frameworks for political resistance and progressive social change.

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