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The University of Texas Press is a book publisher—a focal point where the life experiences, insights, and specialized knowledge of writers converge to be disseminated in print.

By launching a scholarly press in 1950, the University of Texas made several important statements: books matter; books educate; and publishing good books is a public responsibility and a valuable component of the state’s system of higher education. In the years since, the Press has become a publisher of international scope, issuing works in a wide range of fields. Our books present the results of original research conducted all across the United States and Latin America and in centers of learning throughout the world. These scholarly books contain important theories and discoveries and help to preserve the cultural heritage of the Americas.

The University of Texas Press has published more than 3,000 books over six decades. Currently a staff of 46, under the direction of Director David Hamrick, it brings out approximately 100 books and 13 journals annually. 

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Texas Featured Titles

Comic Book Women

Characters, Creators, and Culture in the Golden Age

Peyton Brunet, Blair Davis, Trina Robbins

28 March 2023


Sexuality, Fantasy, and the Superhero

Anna Peppard

28 March 2023

The Color Pynk

Black Femme Art for Survival

Omise’eke Natasha Tinsley

1 November 2022

Undocumented Motherhood

Conversations on Love, Trauma, and Border Crossing

Elizabeth Farfán-Santos

18 October 2022

Maybe We'll Make It

A Memoir

Margo Price

4 October 2022

Black Country Music

Listening for Revolutions

Francesca T. Royster

4 October 2022

I've Had to Think Up a Way to Survive

On Trauma, Persistence, and Dolly Parton

Lynn Melnick

4 October 2022

The Essential Isocrates

Jon D. Mikalson

19 July 2022

Amazigh Politics in the Wake of the Arab Spring

Bruce Maddy-Weitzman

7 June 2022

Women's Voices in Digital Media

The Sonic Screen from Film to Memes

Jennifer O'Meara

26 April 2022

Autism in Film and Television

On the Island

Murray Pomerance, R. Barton Palmer

15 April 2022

The Pecan

A History of America's Native Nut

James McWilliams

15 March 2022

Making Levantine Cuisine

Modern Foodways of the Eastern Mediterranean

Anny Gaul, Graham Auman Pitts, Vicki Valosik

4 January 2022

Egypt’s Football Revolution

Emotion, Masculinity, and Uneasy Politics

Carl Rommel

27 July 2021

Below the Stars

How the Labor of Working Actors and Extras Shapes Media Production

Kate Fortmueller

13 July 2021

Land without Masters

Agrarian Reform and Political Change under Peru's Military Government

Anna Cant

20 April 2021

Mainstream Maverick

John Hughes and New Hollywood Cinema

Holly Chard

1 September 2020

Glitter Up the Dark

How Pop Music Broke the Binary

Sasha Geffen

7 April 2020

Texas Featured Series

Music Matters

Series editors: Evelyn McDonnell & Oliver Wang

Music Matters is a new series of concise books that make outsize arguments for the meaning and legacy of a wide range of popular artists. These short, sharp polemics will make the musical, cultural, experiential, and personal case for the artists we love, all filtered through the consciousness of writers of distinction working in music criticism, journalism, academia, and literature.

World Comics and Graphic Nonfiction Series

Series editors: Frederick Luis Aldama & Christopher González

The World Comics and Graphic Nonfiction Series includes monographs and edited volumes that focus on the analysis and interpretation of comic books and graphic nonfiction from around the world. The books published in the series use analytical approaches from literature, art history, cultural studies, communication studies, media studies, and film studies, among other fields, to help define the comic book studies field at a time of great vitality and growth.

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