Pride 2020

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Fragmented Citizens

The Stonewall Riots

Female Masculinity

Growing Up Queer

LGBTQ Politics

Pride Parades

Transnational LGBT Activism

The Wedding Heard 'Round the World

Information Activism

Keith Haring's Line

Queer Alliances

Disruptive Situations

Queering Family Trees

Queering Representation

The Shapes of Fancy

Open World Empire

Before Trans

Gamer Trouble

Reattachment Theory

Kwaito Bodies

AIDS and the Distribution of Crises

My Butch Career

Glitter Up the Dark

Beyond the Politics of the Closet

The Queer Games Avant-Garde

Poor Queer Studies

Queer Korea

Readings in Sexualities from Africa

Queering Drag

Queer Natures, Queer Mythologies

After Marriage Equality

Inside Killjoy’s Kastle


Trans Exploits


Her Neighbor's Wife

Terrorizing Gender

Reading Sedgwick

What's the Use?

True Sex

Gothic Queer Culture

Salvific Manhood

Latter-day Screens

Beside You in Time

The Trans Generation

Intersectionality as Critical Social Theory

Queer Faith

Public City/Public Sex

Reading Sideways

Categorically Famous

Queer Timing

Civic Intimacies

Unruly Figures


Queer as Camp

Camp TV


Times Square Red, Times Square Blue 20th Anniversary Edition

Cruising Utopia, 10th Anniversary Edition

A Queer Love Story

The Politics of Love in Myanmar

Political Advocacy and Its Interested Citizens

The Right to Be Out

Coming Out of Communism

Gay, Inc.

Activist New York

Out of the Ordinary

Gay Priori

The New Gay for Pay

Sexual Disorientations

Legalizing LGBT Families

Phenomenal Gender

Members of His Body

Cruising the Library

Queer Game Studies

Feeling Normal


Queer Cinema in the World

A Scarlet Pansy

A Taste for Brown Bodies

Queer Brown Voices

Exile and Pride

Gay Fathers, Their Children, and the Making of Kinship

Out in the Union

Queer Christianities

The Right to Be Parents

Queer Bergman

A Dancer in the Revolution

Queer Pollen

Queer Twin Cities

Queer Phenomenology

In a Queer Time and Place