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Interview Andre Brock, author of Distributed Blackness

Q&A on the University of Illinois Press Blog with Amanda Frisken, author of Graphic News

Q: Why did you decide to write this book? 

In researching my book about Victoria Woodhull, I uncovered a trove of images from weekly illustrated sporting newspapers that became central to my analysis. I found that illustrated daily and weekly newspapers had a significant impact on political culture in the post-Civil War years. Woodhull was a media event in her own right, but she also used the media – weekly, daily newspapers, and her own press – to influence public opinion.  News images, I came to understand, empowered a variety of political players to communicate – and challenge – messages in the public sphere. Major media events of the last few decades of the nineteenth century fueled the rise of sensationalism in weekly and then daily newspapers. And sensational illustrations, intentionally or not, manipulated the way people perceived those events…

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