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  1. Reclaiming Community
    Hardback | £65.00
    Paperback | £18.99
  2. Bad Faith
    Bad Faith recounts the history of the Rapp-Coudert investigation into communist subversion in the public schools and municipal colleges of New York City, lasting from 1940 to 1942. This study explores how prominent depression-era... Learn More
    Published: 6th November 2018
    Hardback | £104.00
    Paperback | £26.99
  3. How Art Can Be Thought
    Allan deSouza examines the popular terminology through which art is discussed, valued, and taught, showing how pedagogical language and practices within art schools can adapt to a politicized and rapidly changing world, as well... Learn More
    Published: 26th October 2018
    Hardback | £77.00
    Paperback | £20.99
  4. Digital Sound Studies

    Digital Sound Studies

    Edited by Mary Caton Lingold, Darren Mueller and Whitney Trettien

    Duke University Press Books

    This volume's contributors explore the transformative potential of digital sound studies to create rich, multisensory experiences within scholarship, building on the work of digital humanists to evaluate and historicize new technologies... Learn More
    Published: 5th October 2018
    Hardback | £77.00
    Paperback | £19.99
  5. Straight A's
    Straight A’s features personal narratives of Asian American undergraduate students at Harvard University in which they reflect on their shared experiences with discrimination, stereotypes, immigrant communities, their relationship... Learn More
    Published: 24th August 2018
    Hardback | £73.00
    Paperback | £18.99
  6. Dangerous Leaders
    Flint, Michigan's water crisis, the New Jersey "Bridgegate" scandal, Enron: all these incidents are examples of various forms of leadership failure. More specifically, each represents marked failures among leaders with legal training.... Learn More
    Published: 21st August 2018
    Hardback | £26.99
  7. Democracy's Children
    How do American intellectuals try to achieve their political and social goals? By what means do they articulate their hopes for change? John McGowan seeks to identify the goals and strategies of contemporary humanistic intellectuals... Learn More
    Published: 15th August 2018
    Paperback | £14.99
  8. How to Be Sort of Happy in Law School
    Each year, over 40,000 new students enter America's law schools. Each new crop experiences startlingly high rates of depression, anxiety, fatigue, and dissatisfaction. Kathryne M. Young was one of those disgruntled law students.... Learn More
    Published: 7th August 2018
    Paperback | £14.99
  9. Assessment Strategies for Online Learning
    For many learners, assessment conjures up visions of red pens scrawling percentages in the top right-hand corner of exams and accompanying feelings of stress, inadequacy, and failure. Although negative student reactions to evaluation... Learn More
    Published: 30th June 2018
    Paperback | £23.99
  10. Transforming Conversations
    What effect has feminism had on Canadian education since the 1970 Royal Commission on the Status of Women, and to what end? Transforming Conversations explores post-commission feminist thought and action in the contexts of primary,... Learn More
    Published: 30th June 2018
    Hardback | £84.00
    Paperback | £31.00
  11. Flax Americana
    Farmers feed cities, but starting in the nineteenth century they painted them too. Flax from Canada and the northern United States produced fibre for textiles and linseed oil for paint – critical commodities in a century... Learn More
    Published: 30th June 2018
    Hardback | £84.00
    Paperback | £26.99
  12. In a Classroom of Their Own
    Many advocates of all-black male schools (ABMS) argue that these institutions counter black boys' racist emasculation in white, "overly" female classrooms. This argument challenges racism and perpetuates anti-feminism.... Learn More
    Published: 15th June 2018
    Hardback | £76.00
    Paperback | £18.99
  13. School Was Our Life
    The late 1930s and early 1940s was the peak of progressive education in the United States, and Elisabeth Irwin's Little Red School House in New York City was iconic in that movement. For the first time, stories and recollections... Learn More
    Published: 1st May 2018
    Hardback | £50.00
    Paperback | £18.99
  14. An Online Doctorate for Researching Professionals
    Kumar and Dawson's program design is grounded in the theoretical and research foundations of online, adult, and doctoral education, curriculum design and community-building, implementation and evaluation. The authors, who draw... Learn More
    Published: 30th April 2018
    Paperback | £34.00
  15. Tackling Wicked Problems in Complex Ecologies
    Traversing the range of problem-solving contexts that make up the frontier of evaluation, this book demonstrates how the tools of the trade can address wicked problems in complex ecologies around the global scale. The editors... Learn More
    Published: 17th April 2018
    Paperback | £42.00
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