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Quest for Conception

Quest for Conception

Gender, Infertility and Egyptian Medical Traditions

by Marcia C. Inhorn

Published by: University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

472 pages, 152.00 x 229.00 x 0.00 mm, 24 illus.

  • ISBN: 9780812215281
  • Published: August 1994



In Quest for Conception, Marcia C. Inhorn portrays the poignant struggles of poor, urban Egyptian women and their attempts to overcome infertility. The author draws upon fifteen months of fieldwork in urban Egypt to present moving stories of infertile Muslim women whose tumultuous medical pilgrimages have yet to produce the desired pregnancies. Inhorn examines the devastating impact of infertility on the lives of these women, who are threatened with divorce by their husbands, harassed by their husbands' families, and ostracized by neighbors.