Three Loves for Three Oranges

Three Loves for Three Oranges

Gozzi, Meyerhold, Prokofiev

Russian Music Studies

Edited by Dassia N. Posner and Kevin Bartig

With Maria De Simone

Contributions by Caryl Emerson, Alberto Beniscelli, Giulietta Bazoli, Domenico Pietropaolo, Ted Emery, Natalya Baldyga, Raissa Raskina, Vadim Shcherbakov, Laurence Senelick, Julia Galanina, Inna Naroditskaya, Natalia Savkina and Simon A. Morrison

Published by: Indiana University Press

460 pages, 155.00 x 235.00 mm, 60 b&w illus., 13 printed music items

  • ISBN: 9780253057884
  • Published: September 2021


In 1921, Sergei Prokofiev's Love for Three Oranges—one of the earliest, most famous examples of modernist opera—premiered in Chicago. Prokofiev's source was a 1913 theatrical divertissement by Vsevolod Meyerhold, who, in turn, took inspiration from Carlo Gozzi's 1761commedia dell'arte–infused theatrical fairy tale. Only by examining these whimsical, provocative works together can we understand the full significance of their intertwined lineage.
With contributions from 17 distinguished scholars in theatre, art history, Italian, Slavic Studies, and musicology, Three Loves for Three Oranges: Gozzi, Meyerhold, Prokofiev illuminates the historical development of modernism in the arts, the ways in which commedia dell'arte's self-referential and improvisatory elements have inspired theatre and music innovations, and how polemical playfulness informs creation.
A resource for scholars and theatre lovers alike, this collection of essays and new dramatic translations charts the transformations and transpositions that the three oranges tale underwent to provoke theatrical revolutions that still reverberate today.