The UN and Development

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Release Date: 6th July 2009

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Series United Nations Intellectual History Project Series

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The UN and Development

From Aid to Cooperation

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The UN and Development provides the first comprehensive overview of the development policies and activities of the United Nations system from the late 1940s to the present. With an explicit focus on the history of the ideas that have been generated, institutionalized, and implemented by UN organizations, this book examines changing trends in development paradigms from the concept of technical assistance to underdeveloped countries, as they were called in the late 1940s, to development cooperation in the 21st century. Olav Stokke traces this fascinating story and demonstrates the UN's essential role and its future challenges in aiding the least developed countries and the globe's billion poorest inhabitants.

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Series Editors' Foreword Louis Emmerij, Richard Jolly, and Thomas G. Weiss
Preface and Acknowledgments
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Part 1. The Emergence of International Development Assistance
1. The Institutional Heritage and Pre-Aid Traditions and Ideas
2. The Expanded Programme of Technical Assistance
3. The UN Fund for Economic Development
4. First Steps Down the Road: What Can the Footprints Tell?
Part 2. The Formative Years
5. The First Development Decade: An Instrument of Persuasion?
6. The Second Development Decade
7. The United Nations Development Programme, 1966<N>1981
8. The World Food Programme, 1961<N>1981: Surplus Food for Development and Relief
9. The 1960s and 1970s: Perspectives on Development
Part 3. The Lost Decade and a New Beginning
10. Visions and Priorities for the 1990s: The United Nations Strategy for the Fourth Development Decade
11. The Revival of the Social and Human Dimensions of Development
12. Evolving Priorities, Patterns, and Trends, 1982<N>2005
13. Food Aid: From Development to Humanitarian Relief
14. The Long Road toward the Millennium Development Goals
15. The Contribution of the UN System to International Development Cooperation

Appendix: A Bird's-Eye View of ODA to Developing Countries and Multilateral Institutions
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Olav Stokke is Senior Researcher at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs and former editor of the Nordic journal Forum for Development Studies. His books include Perspectives on European Development Co-operation, with Paul Hoebink; Food Aid and Human Security, with Edward Clay; and Policy Coherence in Development Co-operation, with Jacques Forster.

A fascinating and deeply researched study. . . . Olav Stokke has done a remarkable job of weaving together this complex story.

From the foreword by Louis Emmerij, Richard Jolly, and Thomas G. Weiss

...a sound reference work...Recommended. --ChoiceFeb. 2010

D. P. Forsythe
University of Nebraska