The Gordion Excavations, 1950-1973, Final Reports, Volume IV

9780924171185: Hardback
Release Date: 29th January 1994

250 illus.

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Number of Pages: 632

University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

The Gordion Excavations, 1950-1973, Final Reports, Volume IV

The Early Phrygian Pottery

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The Early Phrygian period is the first phase of Iron Age habitation on the City Mound of Yassihuyuk-Gordion. Since it is the most extensively excavated site in central Anatolia, not only for this early period but for successive phases through the Hellenistic period, Gordion has the distinction of being the type-site of ancient Phrygia. In this comprehensive study of the ceramic evidence from the Early Phrygian period at Gordion, G. Kenneth Sams presents a thorough catalogue and discussion of the development of the shapes, wares and decorative motifs, and places the pottery in its broader cultural context.

The publication is extensively illustrated with profile and roll-out drawings, and photographs. This volume will be of interest to students and scholars interested in Anatolian archaeology and the stylistic development of pottery.

University Museum Monograph, 79