The "Coutumes de Beauvaisis" of Philippe de Beaumanoir

9780812231052: Hardback
Release Date: 29th February 1992

2 illus.

Dimensions: 152 x 229

Number of Pages: 792

Series The Middle Ages Series

University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

The "Coutumes de Beauvaisis" of Philippe de Beaumanoir

Written by
Philippe de Beaumanoir
Translated by
F. R. P. Akehurst
Hardback / £77.00

F. R. P. Akehurst provides the first English translation of the complete text of Coutumes, the customary law of Clermont in the Beauvais region as it was practiced and understood in the late thirteenth century. The Coutumes de Beauvaisis provides a unique perspective on thirteenth-century civil and criminal trials.

F. R. P. Akehurst is Professor of French at the University of Minnesota and translator of The Etablissements de Saint Louis: Thirteenth-Century Law Texts from Tours, Orleans, and Paris.