Sustainable Design Solutions from the Pacific Northwest

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  1. Building Reuse
    In Building Reuse: Sustainability, Preservation, and the Value of Design, Kathryn Rogers Merlino makes an impassioned case that truly sustainable design requires reusing and reimagining existing buildings. The construction and... Learn More
    Published: 29th June 2018
    Hardback | £41.00
  2. Daylighting Design in the Pacific Northwest
    In addition to conserving energy, the use of daylight in architecture can be a powerful aesthetic tool. The effective employment of natural lighting is an important component of sustainable design, and some of the best work in... Learn More
    Published: 14th November 2012
    Paperback | £37.00
  3. Toward a New Regionalism
    Green design is the major architectural movement of our time. Throughout the world architects are producing sustainable buildings in an attempt to preserve the environment and our globe’s natural resources. However, current... Learn More
    Published: 22nd June 2005
    Paperback | £27.99