Speaking Memory

9780773547889: Hardback
Release Date: 19th December 2016

9780773547896: Paperback
Release Date: 19th December 2016

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Series Culture of Cities

McGill-Queen's University Press

Speaking Memory

How Translation Shapes City Life

An innovative account of urban memory as a conversation across languages.
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Speaking Memory evokes the complex "language-scapes" that form at the crossroads of culture and history in cities. While engaging with current debates on the nature and role of translation in globalized urban landscapes, the contributors offer a series of detailed and nuanced readings of “translational” cities – their histories, their construction and transformation in memory, and the artistic projects that tell their stories. The three sections of the book highlight historical case studies, conceptual issues, and text-based analyses of city scripts, in particular as they relate to creative literary practices and language interventions on the surface of the city itself. In this volume, translation points to the dissonance of city life, but also to the possibility of a generalized, public discourse – a space vital to urban citizenship, where the convergence of languages can be the source of new conversations. Essays cover a variety of topics and approaches, bringing new voices and insights to discussions on multilingualism and translation in the urban contexts of cities including Dublin, Montevideo, Montreal, Prague, and Vilnius. Defining cities as fields of translational forces where languages are both in conversation and in tension, translation in Speaking Memory is stretched beyond its usual confines, encompassing literary, artistic, and cultural practices that permeate everyday contemporary life. Contributors include Liamis Briedis (Vilnius University), Matteo Colombi (University of Leipzig), Michael Cronin (Dublin City University), Michael Darroch (Windsor University), Roch Duval (Université de Montréal), Andre Furlani (Concordia University), Simon Harel (Université de Montréal), William Marshall (Stirling University), Sarah Mekdjian (Université Paris III), Alexis Nouss (Université d’Aix en Provence), Katia Pizzi (University of London), Sherry Simon (Concordia University), Will Straw (McGill University), and Miriam Suchet (Université Paris III).

Sherry Simon is professor in the French Department at Concordia University and the author of Translating Montreal: Episodes in the Life of a Divided City.

“Speaking Memory offers rich portraits of specific locations and practices while also furthering current debates on the nature and role of translation in today’s ‘globalized’ urban landscapes.” Loredana Polezzi, Cardiff University