Cleavage Politics and the Populist Right

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Release Date: 16th April 2010

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Number of Pages: 260

Series Social Logic of Politics

Temple University Press

Cleavage Politics and the Populist Right

The New Cultural Conflict in Western Europe

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A comparative study of how historical cleavages and party strategies interact to shape the fortunes of the populist right in Western Europe

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Introduction: A Dynamic Perspective on Cleavages and the Populist Right 

PART I Putting Right-Wing Populist Parties in Context 
1. The New Cultural Conflict and the Populist Right in Western Europe 
2. The Extreme-Right-Wing Populist Party Family 

PART II New Political Divides and Historical Cleavages 
3. From Structure to Culture and Back: The Perpetuation and Transformation of Historical Cleavages

Simon Bornschier is a Senior Researcher at the University of Zurich and co-author of West European Politics in the Age of Globalization.

"Empirically rich, methodologically sophisticated, and theoretically compelling, Bornschier's book not only settles some outstanding debates in the literature but also frames important questions about the basic dividing lines of European politics."
—Political Science Quarterly