Roger Fullington Series in Architecture

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  1. The Architecture and Cities of Northern Mexico from Independence to the Present
    The states of Northern Mexico—Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Durango, Sonora, Sinaloa, and Baja California Norte and Sur—have architecture, urbanism, and landscape design that offer numerous lessons in how to... Learn More
    Published: 15th August 2015
    Hardback | £56.00
  2. Sanctioning Modernism
    In the decades following World War II, modern architecture spread around the globe alongside increased modernization, urbanization, and postwar reconstruction—and it eventually won widespread acceptance. But as the limitations... Learn More
    Published: 1st May 2015
    Paperback | £34.00
  3. Highland Park and River Oaks
    In the early twentieth century, developers from Baltimore to Beverly Hills built garden suburbs, a new kind of residential community that incorporated curvilinear roads and landscape design as picturesque elements in a neighborhood.... Learn More
    Published: 30th August 2014
    Hardback | £60.00
  4. Ancient Origins of the Mexican Plaza
    The plaza has been a defining feature of Mexican urban architecture and culture for at least 4,000 years. Ancient Mesoamericans conducted most of their communal life in outdoor public spaces, and today the plaza is still the public... Learn More
    Published: 16th January 2013
    Hardback | £56.00
  5. Frank Lloyd Wright, Art Collector
    These Secessionist art prints, acquired by Frank Lloyd Wright and his lover Mamah Borthwick Cheney during their infamous flight to Europe in 1909–1910, reveal a new dimension of the architect’s taste and aesthetic preferences.... Learn More
    Published: 1st April 2012
    Hardback | £34.00
  6. Design for a Vulnerable Planet
    We inhabit a vulnerable planet. The devastation caused by natural disasters such as the southern Asian tsunami, Hurricanes Katrina and Ike, and the earthquakes in China's Sichuan province, Haiti, and Chile—as well as the ongoing... Learn More
    Published: 1st April 2011
    Hardback | £39.00
  7. Designing Pan-America
    Late in the nineteenth century, U.S. commercial and political interests began eyeing the countries of Latin America as plantations, farms, and mines to be accessed by new shipping lines and railroads. As their desire to dominate... Learn More
    Published: 15th January 2011
    Hardback | £56.00
  8. Architecture as Revolution
    The period following the Mexican Revolution was characterized by unprecedented artistic experimentation. Seeking to express the revolution's heterogeneous social and political aims, which were in a continuous state of redefinition,... Learn More
    Published: 15th June 2010
    Hardback | £52.00
  9. Houston Lost and Unbuilt
    Winner, San Antonio Conservation Society Citation, 2011Good Brick Award, Greater Houston Preservation Alliance, 2011Julia Ideson Award, Friends of the Texas Room, 2011Driven by an almost fanatical desire for whatever is new, "modern,"... Learn More
    Published: 15th February 2010
    Hardback | £39.00
  10. Cinema Houston
    Cinema Houston celebrates a vibrant century of movie theatres and moviegoing in Texas's largest city. Illustrated with more than two hundred historical photographs, newspaper clippings, and advertisements, it traces the history... Learn More
    Published: 1st December 2007
    Hardback | £39.00
  11. Think Like an Architect
    The design of cities and buildings affects the quality of our lives. Making the built environment useful, safe, comfortable, efficient, and as beautiful as possible is a universal quest. We dream about how we might live, work,... Learn More
    Published: 1st May 2007
    Paperback | £24.99
  12. Return to the Center
    The redesign and revitalization of traditional urban centers is the cutting edge of contemporary urban planning, as evidenced by the intense public and professional attention to the rebuilding of city cores from Berlin to New... Learn More
    Published: 1st May 2006
    Paperback | £20.99
  13. The Hacienda in Mexico
    The Mexican hacienda was a work place, a residence, a place of leisure and of religion—in short, a closed and self-sufficient rural world in which landowners and workers engaged in agricultural and livestock production. Constructed... Learn More
    Published: 1st October 2003
    Hardback | £28.99