Power and Persuasion

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Release Date: 1st January 1988

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Power and Persuasion

Fiestas and Social Control in Rural Mexico

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Demonstrates how the annual fiesta cycle reflects political dependency of local communities on the nation-state, helps maintain formal authority, and perpetuates behavioral norms and social values.


One. Studying Fiestas and Social Control
Two. The Social Context of Tzintzuntzan Fiestas
Three. Fiesta Organization
Four. Contract and Exchange
Five. Tourism and the State
Six. Pyrotechnics and Politics
Seven. Social Control through Dance
Eight. A Christmas Morality Play
Nine. Fiestas and the Social Order


"Brandes has managed to combine splendid ethnography with convincing theoretical analysis. . . . A significant contribution to our understanding of the dynamics of the Mexican fiesta. . . . A classic."—American Anthropologist