Minnesota Politics and Government

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Release Date: 1st December 1999

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Series Politics and Governments of the American States

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Minnesota Politics and Government

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For the first time in decades, here is an in-depth look at Minnesota government and politics, providing a useful overview of the history, structure, and distinctive characteristics of the political system in the North Star State. Minnesota’s government is often held up as a role model for other states. Drawing on survey research, electoral analysis, interview data, and political experience, the authors examine contemporary politics in Minnesota, emphasizing in particular its long-standing moralistic dimension. Attention is given to the major components of the state’s political system: the constitution, legislature, courts, relationship to both the federal system and local governments, lobbying, elections, campaign finance, and public attitudes toward taxes and services. Equally important, the authors assess various enduring myths and views about Minnesota politics, including its legendary liberalism and citizen involvement in the political scene, and even consider how its new governor, former wrestler Jesse Ventura, fits into Minnesota’s traditions.

Daniel J. Elazar, a professor of political science at Temple University and Bar-Ilan University, is founding editor of the Politics and Governments of the American States series and director of the Center for the Study of Federalism. His many books include Constitutionalizing Globalization and The American Mosaic. Virginia Gray is a professor of political science at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. Her publications include Politics in the American States: A Comparative Approach. Wyman Spano is a Minnesota lobbyist and coeditor of the state’s long-standing insiders’ political newsletter, Politics in Minnesota.

"The goal of this series on the politics and governments of the 50 states is to study the specific character of each state by examining its political culture, traditions and practices, constituencies and interest groups, and constitutional and institutional frameworks. The Minnesota volume does exactly that. One comes away with a good understanding of the state, which elevated not only Harold Stassen to office, but Hubert H. Humphrey and Jesse Ventura as well! . . . The authors have skillfully woven four themes: the state has a healthy, growing economy; a clean and active government of which its citizens are generally proud; a moralistic culture; and a rightful claim as a national leader and innovator in many fields of public policy. A solid, thoughtful look at government and politics in the North Star State. Recommended at all levels."—Choice