Spanish Cinema against Itself

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Release Date: 1st March 2020

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Release Date: 1st March 2020

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Series New Directions in National Cinemas

Indiana University Press

Spanish Cinema against Itself

Cosmopolitanism, Experimentation, Militancy

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Spanish Cinema Against Itself maps the evolution of Spanish surrealist and politically committed cinematic traditions from their origins in the 1930s—with the work of Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí, experimentalist José Val de Omar, and militant documentary filmmaker Carlos Velo—through to the contemporary period. Framed by film theory this book traces the works of understudied and non-canonical Spanish filmmakers, producers, and film collectives to open up alternate, more cosmopolitan and philosophical spaces for film discussion. In an age of the post-national and the postcinematic, Steven Marsh’s work challenges conventional historiographical discourse, the concept of "national cinema," and questions of form in cinematic practice.


Introduction: Différance. Otherness. Experiment.

1. Interrogations of the National Allegory: Trance film and Ethnography

2. Intermediality, Intoxication, and the Infrathin

3. The Discontinuous Legacies of Pere Portabella: Between Heritage and Inheritance

4. History, Hauntology, Representation: Spanish Cinema Against Itself

5. The Ex of Experimentation: Against Periodization

6. The Catacoustic and the Cosmopolitan: Rhythm and Timbre in the Films of Andrés Duque

7. Turns and Returns, Envois/Renvois: The Postal Effect in Recent Spanish Film

8. Retrospective Future Perfect: History, Black Holes, and Time Warps in the Films of Los Hijos and Luis López Carrasco

9. ¡No nos representan!: Performativity as Militant Film, the 15-M Archive

Afterword: Unruly Archives. La décima carta and Buenas noches, España


Steven Marsh is Associate Professor of Spanish Film and Cultural Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is author of Popular Spanish Film Under Franco: Comedy and the Weakening of the State and editor (with Parvati Nair) of Gender and Spanish Cinema.