McGill-Queen's Studies in Urban Governance

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  1. City-Regions in Prospect?
    How should the metropolis be governed? What is the appropriate scale to consider and organize local governance and communities? Bringing together an interdisciplinary and international body of scholarly work, City-Regions in Prospect?... Learn More
    Published: 6th November 2015
    Hardback | £83.00
    Paperback | £25.99
  2. On Their Own
    South Africa, the most urbanized country on the African continent, displays some of the highest levels of socio-economic inequality in the world. What is life like for low-income African women in urban South Africa in the post-apartheid... Learn More
    Published: 16th October 2015
    Hardback | £83.00
    Paperback | £25.99
  3. Local Self-Government and the Right to the City
    Despite decades of talk about globalization, democracy still depends on local self-government. In Local Self-Government and the Right to the City, Warren Magnusson argues that it is the principle behind claims to personal autonomy,... Learn More
    Published: 3rd July 2015
    Hardback | £91.00
    Paperback | £27.99