Material Vernaculars

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  1. Wedding Clothes and the Osage Community
    Authors, Daniel C. Swan and Jim Cooley collaborate with members of the Osage Nation to discuss how gift exchange, motivated by the values of generosity and hospitality, serves as a critical component in the preservation and perpetuation... Learn More
    Published: 15th October 2019
    Hardback | £77.00
    Paperback | £25.99
  2. The Expressive Lives of Elders
    Can traditional arts improve an older adult’s quality of life? Are arts interventions more effective when they align with an elder’s cultural identity? In The Expressive Lives of Elders, Jon Kay and contributors from a diverse... Learn More
    Published: 20th September 2018
    Hardback | £77.00
    Paperback | £33.00
  3. Framing Sukkot
    The sukkah, the symbolic ritual home built during the annual Jewish holiday of Sukkot, commemorates the temporary structures that sheltered the Israelites as they journeyed across the desert after the exodus from Egypt. Despite... Learn More
    Published: 20th September 2017
    Hardback | £73.00
    Paperback | £31.00
  4. Material Vernaculars
    The role of objects and images in everyday life are illuminated incisively in Material Vernaculars, which combines historical, ethnographic, and object-based methods across a diverse range of material and visual cultural forms.... Learn More
    Published: 3rd October 2016
    Hardback | £73.00
    Paperback | £24.99
  5. Folk Art and Aging
    Growing old doesn’t have to be seen as an eventual failure but rather as an important developmental stage of creativity. Offering an absorbing and fresh perspective on aging and crafts, Jon Kay explores how elders choose to... Learn More
    Published: 8th August 2016
    Hardback | £52.00
    Paperback | £24.99