Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices, 6-volume set

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Release Date: 12th July 2010

Dimensions: 152 x 229

Series Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices

The Jewish Publication Society

Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices, 6-volume set

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This set includes all six volumes in the Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices series, for less than the cost of buying each book separately!

Included in the set are these volumes : Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices: Body; Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices: Money; Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices: Power; Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices: Sex and Intimacy . . . and the two newest books in the series, Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices: War and National Security; and Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices: Social Justice. Each volume in this series presents hypothetical cases on specific topics, followed by traditional and contemporary sources. Supplementing these are brief essays, written by contributors of various ages, backgrounds, and viewpoints to provoke lively thought and discussion. These voices from Jewish tradition and today’s Jewish community present us with new questions and perspectives, encouraging us to consider our own moral choices in a new light.

A Business Ethics MP3 & Powerpoint presentation with Professor Elliot Dorff is available for purchase through

"The emphasis on questions, not answers, makes the Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices series different from many other ethical works... an excellent resource for readers seeking to lead more ethical lives."—The Reporter

The Reporter

"Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices is a series of short books that are designed to engage the lay public in ethical issues that face people in the choices they make on a daily basis . . . they are quite accessible for the lay readers."—The Jewish Press

The Jewish Press