Indonesia Journal

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Release Date: 15th October 2017

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Series Indonesia Journal

Cornell University Press

Indonesia Journal

October 1996

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Indonesia is a semi-annual journal devoted to the timely study of Indonesia's culture, history, government, economy, and society. It features original scholarly articles, interviews, translations, and book reviews. Published by Cornell University's Southeast Asia Program since April 1966, the journal provides area scholars and interested readers with contemporary analysis of Indonesia and an extensive archive of research pertaining to the nation and region.

Benedict R. O'G. Anderson is the Aaron L. Binenkorb Professor Emeritus of International Studies, Government, and Asian Studies at Cornell University. His works include Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism, Violence and the State in Suharto's Indonesia, and The Spectre of Comparisons: Nationalism, Southeast Asia, and the World.

Takashi Shiraishi is Vice President and Professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies in Japan and the author or editor of many books, including three award-winning books. Among his English-language books are An Age in Motion: Popular Radicalism in Java, 1912–1926 and After the Crisis: Hegemony, Technocracy and Governance in Southeast Asia.