David and the Deuteronomist

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Release Date: 22nd November 1993

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Number of Pages: 260

Series Indiana Studies in Biblical Literature

Indiana University Press

David and the Deuteronomist

A Literary Study of the Deuteronomic History Part Three: 2 Samuel

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... brilliant... [Polzin’s] splendid work deserves consideration by all serious students of 2 Samuel." —The Catholic Biblical Quarterly

The figure of David is the focus of Polzin’s provocative new reading of 2 Samuel. Polzin makes a strong case for a complex yet coherent picture of the monarchy within Israelite theology as he demonstrates the literary artfulness and ideological sophistication of the Deuteronomic History.


1. Heroes (1:1-27)
2. Brothers (2:1-4:12)
3. Houses (5:1-7:29)
4. Servants (8:1-10:19)
5. Messengers (11:1-12:31)
6. Women (13:1-14:33)
7. Curses (15:1-16:23)
8. Counselors (17:1-28)
9. Crossings (18:1-20:24)
10. Numbers (21:1-24:25)

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ROBERT POLZIN is Director, School of Comparative Literary Studies and Professor of Religion, Carleton University. He is author of Moses and the Deuteronomist and Samuel and the Deuteronomist, both volumes in a series of four books on the Deuteronomic History, as well as Late Biblical Hebrew.