Indiana Series in the Philosophy of Technology

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  1. Chasing Technoscience
    ... an original, quirky, and illuminating collection of material concerning the relatively new and exciting field of technoscience studies.... [T]he editors’ choice of multiple approaches to the work of four major figures is... Learn More
    Published: 18th June 2003
    Paperback | £22.99
  2. American Philosophy of Technology
    Introduces contemporary American philosophy of technology through six of its leading figures. The six American philosophers of technology whose work is profiled in this clear and concise introduction to the field—Albert Borgmann,... Learn More
    Published: 12th July 2001
    Paperback | £16.99
  3. Philosophical Tools for Technological Culture
    Hickman['s]... style of pragmatism provides us with flexible, philosophical 'tools' which can be used to analyze and penetrate various technology and technological cultural problems of the present. He, himself, uses this toolkit... Learn More
    Published: 22nd February 2001
    Hardback | £43.00
    Paperback | £16.99
  4. Sex/Machine
    ... discusses the complex connections between gender and technology... an intriguing and enlightening book, the latest in an outstanding... series by Indiana University Press." —Bruce Hilton, Scripps Howard News ServiceHow does... Learn More
    Published: 22nd June 1999
    Paperback | £25.99
  5. Technology and the Politics of Knowledge
    This fine collection of essays from a diverse group of authors expounding on a wide variety of subjects presents a generous sampling of the new philosophy of technology." —Choice... informative, original, and provocative....... Learn More
    Published: 22nd May 1995
    Hardback | £28.99
    Paperback | £22.99
  6. The Play of Nature
    Crease’s brilliantly exploited theatrical analogy places scientific theorizing back into the wider context of experimental inquiry." —Robert C. ScharffCrease attacks the "mystical" account of experimentation embraced by the... Learn More
    Published: 22nd December 1993
    Hardback | £46.00
  7. Instrumental Realism
    Ihde is perhaps uniquely situated to provide authoritative accounts of such diverse philosophical traditions as those involved in current explorations of the technology of scientific instruments.... Ihde's book breaks new ground... Learn More
    Published: 22nd May 1991
    Paperback | £17.99
  8. Heidegger’s Confrontation with Modernity
    Writing in a lively and refreshingly clear American English, Zimmerman provides an uncompromisingly honest and judicious account... of Heidegger’s views on technology and his involvement with National Socialism.... One of the... Learn More
    Published: 22nd May 1990
    Paperback | £24.99
  9. Technology and the Lifeworld
    ... Dr. Ihde brings an enlightening and deeply humanistic perspective to major technological developments, both past and present." —Science Books & FilmsDon Ihde is a pleasure to read.... The material is full of nice suggestions... Learn More
    Published: 22nd May 1990
    Paperback | £22.99
  10. John Dewey’s Pragmatic Technology
    ... a comprehensive canvass of Dewey’s logic, metaphysics, aesthetics, philosophy of history, and social thought."—Choice... a major addition to the recent accumulation of in-depth studies of Dewey." —Journal of Speculative... Learn More
    Published: 22nd March 1990
    Paperback | £16.99