Gubernatorial Transitions

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Release Date: 17th November 1988

Number of Pages: 384

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Gubernatorial Transitions

The 1983 and 1984 Elections

Edited by
Thad L. Beyle
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Gubernatorial Transitions examines the processes by which power was transferred following the 1983 and 1984 gubernatorial elections in Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Washington, and West Virginia. It also discusses incumbent succession in Indiana and the role of lieutenant governors.

Foreword / Barry Van Lare v
Acknowledgments ix
Introduction. Gubernatorial Transitions: Lessons from the 1982, 1983, and 1984 Elections / Thad L. Beyle 3
Perspectives on Transition
1. Protecting Options / Robert Huefner 37
Individual State Studies of the 1983 and 1984 Elections and Transitions
2. The Gubernatorial Transition in Kentucky, 1983–1984 / Malcolm E. Jewell and Philip Roeder 49
3. The Norm of Standing Aside: Gubernatorial Transition in Missouri in 1984 / Dean L. Yarwood and Richard J. Hardy 70
4. Gubernatorial Transition in North Carolina, 1984–1985 / Joel A. Thompson 103
5. North Dakota's Gubernatorial Transition, 1984–1985: "Battling It Out in the Budgetary Badlands" / Theodore B. Pedeliski 127
6. Gubernatorial Transition in Rhode Island, 1984–1985 / Elmer E. Cornwell Jr. 161
7. The 1984–1985 Gubernatorial Transition in Utah: A Textbook Case / Lauren Holland and Robert Benedict 185
8. The Gardner Transition: The Changing of the Guard in Washington / Herman D. Lujan 217
9. 1984 Gubernatorial Transition in West Virginia: Rockefeller to Moore / David J. Webber 253
Two Special Case Studies
Gubernatorial Transition: An Incumbent Succession in Indiana / C. James Owen 279
Lieutenant Governors: Gubernatorial Transitions in Missouri / Dean L. Yarwood 297
Appendix: Outline for the State Analysts 305
Notes 307
Index 333
Contributors 343

"Thad Beyle has done a splendid job, and this volume is a worthy successor to Gubernatorial Transitions: The 1982 Elections. The book adds much to this important subject both to practitioners and to instructors of state government."—Larry Sabato