Gordion Wooden Furniture

9781931707473: Paperback
Release Date: 29th January 1999

94 color, 16 b/w illus.

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Number of Pages: 174

University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

Gordion Wooden Furniture

The Study, Conservation, and Reconstruction of the Furniture and Wooden Objects from Gordion, 1881-1998

Paperback / £24.99

This book details 18 years of research and conservation work on the wooden furniture and small objects excavated at the site of Gordion, Turkey, by the University of Pennsylvania Museum between 1950 and 1973, uncovering what is now considered to be the most important collection of well-preserved wooden objects surviving from the ancient Near East. Forty-seven pieces of fine furniture and more than 70 wooden sculptures and household objects were recovered from the three largest tombs at Gordion, once considered to be the tombs of King Midas, who ruled the kingdom of Phrygia from Gordion in the eighth century B.C.