Excavations at Mohenjo Daro, Pakistan

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Release Date: 29th January 1986

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University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

Excavations at Mohenjo Daro, Pakistan

The Pottery, with an Account of the Pottery from the 1950 Excavations of Sir Mortimer Wheeler

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The pottery of Mohenjo-dara, one of the two major urban centers of the Indus Valley civilization (2500-2000 B.C.) is described and documented. The authors survey Harappan ceramic technology and style, and develop an important and unique approach to vessel form analysis and terminology. Included is Leslie Alcock's account of the pottery from the 1950 excavations by Sir Mortimer Wheeler.

University Museum Monograph, 53

"Of extraordinary interest to students of the Indus civilization. . . . [A] monumental volume."—Antiquity

"[This volume] is of extraordinary interest to students of the Indus civilization, since the study aims to achieve a level of analysis quite different from that of any of the earlier published reports on Indus sites. . . . There is a clear discussion of the crafts aspects, valuable because so little has been written on this aspect of the pottery of Mohenjo Daro in the past five decades. . . . No one can question the meticulous labour that has gone into producing this monumental volume."—Antiquity

"In the group of publications on the Harappan 'civilization' that have been forthcoming over the past decade this particular study ranks among the most significant. . . . We have in this study a research tool of immense value."—Quarterly Review of Archaeology