Marine Molluscan Remains from Franchthi Cave

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Release Date: 22nd September 1989

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Marine Molluscan Remains from Franchthi Cave

Fascicle 4, Excavations at Franchthi Cave, Greece

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... the archaeological and paleoenvironmental data from Franchthi Cave are unique in providing a site-specific record of the cultural responses to great environmental changes." —Quarterly Research

The marine molluscan material covered here is the largest sample of its kind yet excavated in Greece.


Foreword (T.W. Jacobsen)

Part I (Judith C. Shackleton)

Chapter One: Introduction: The Site and the Methodology

Chapter Two: The Marine Shell Record from Franchthi Cave

Chapter Three: Habitats of the Principal Franchthi Molluscs

Chapter Four: Reconstruction of Past Shore Environments and the Implications for Shellfish Gathering

Chapter Five: The Relationship between Franchthi Shell Assemblages and the Shoreline Reconstructions

Chapter Six: Shellfish Gathering and the Role of Marine Molluscs in the Diet

Chapter Seven: Non-Utilitarian use of Marine Shell at Franchthi Cave

Chapter Eight: Epilogue


Appendix A: Water Sieving

Appendix B: Micromolluscs

Appendix C: Molluscan Assemblage Tables and Trench Information

Appendix D: Cerastoderma Bead Making in Trench L5

Appendix E: Worked Shell from Franchthi Cave


Part II (M.R. Deith and N.J. Shackleton)

Chapter Nine: Oxygen Isotope Analyses of Marine Molluscs from Franchthi Cave

Appendix F: Isotopic Profiles of Shells Analyzed

References for Parts I and II


Judith C. Shackleton, the author of reports on ancient shell remains, was an associate of Cambridge University.