Elaine G. Breslaw

Elaine G. Breslaw retired as Professor of History from Morgan State University in Baltimore after 29 years and has taught on an adjunct basis at Johns Hopkins University, Goucher College, and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She is the author of Tituba, Reluctant Witch of Salem: Devilish Indians and Puritan Fantasies (NYU Press, 1995), Witches of the Atlantic World: An Historical Reader and Primary Sourcebook (NYU Press, 2000), and Dr. Alexander Hamilton and Provincial America: Expanding the Orbit of Scottish Culture.


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  1. Lotions, Potions, Pills, and Magic
    Health in early America was generally good. The food was plentiful, the air and water were clean, and people tended to enjoy strong constitutions as a result of this environment. Practitioners of traditional forms of health... Learn More
    Published: 15th October 2012
    Hardback | £60.00
    Paperback | £20.99
    PDF | £23.00
  2. Witches of the Atlantic World
    This unique anthology is the first to provide a multicultural perspective on witchcraft from the 15th to 18th century. Featuring primary documents as well as scholarly interpretations, Witches of the Atlantic World builds upon... Learn More
    Published: 1st September 2000
    Hardback | £77.00
    Paperback | £24.99
  3. Tituba, Reluctant Witch of Salem
    In this important book, Elaine Breslaw claims to have rediscovered Tituba, the elusive, mysterious, and often mythologized Indian woman accused of witchcraft in Salem in 1692 and immortalized in Arthur Miller's The Crucible. Reconstructing... Learn More
    Published: 1st December 1995
    Hardback | £73.00
    Paperback | £21.99
    PDF | £25.00