Vietnam Protest Theatre

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Release Date: 22nd May 1996

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Series Drama and Performance Studies

Indiana University Press

Vietnam Protest Theatre

The Television War on Stage

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"... a thoughtful and important treatment of the international tensions of the period as they were embodied in theatre practice. It is the only book of its kind on the subject, and a valuable source of production information." —Theatre Journal

"... an excellent discussion of the aesthetics of theater." —Choice

The escalation of the war in Vietnam in the mid-1960s unleashed worldwide protest. Playwrights grappled with the complexities of post-imperialist politics and with the problems of creating effective political theatre in the television age. The ephemeral theatre these writers created, today little-known and rarely studied, provides an important window on a complex moment in culture and history.



Introduction: Visions of Vietnam and Protest Theatre

Part One: Negotiating National History Through Vietnam
1. Playing Imperialism (America’s War)
2. Peripheral Contestations (Britain and Austria)
3. "Documenting" Present and Past (Germany)
4. From Colonization to Cyberwar (France)

Part Two: Mix/representing the Inappropriate/d Other
5. Performative Sub-Missions
6. American I-Witnesses (Rabe, Balk)

Conclusion: Re-Acting tot he Television War

Epilog: Anti-Media: Vietnamese Theatre as pacific Resistance



NORA M. ALTER is Assistant Professor in the Department of German and Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Florida.