Cypriot Ceramics

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Cypriot Ceramics

Reading the Prehistoric Record

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Prehistoric Cypriot ceramics were widely traded, especially in the late Bronze Age, and constitute an important source of information about international trade and cultural relations in the Bronze and Iron Age eastern Mediterranean. These papers were presented at an international conference held at the University of Pennsylvania Museum in October 1989.

Symposium Series II
University Museum Monograph, 74

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I. Toward Definition of the Late Chalcolithic in Cyprus: The Monochrome Pottery Debate
II. Independent Variables? A Flexible Classification of Late Neolithic and Chalcolithic Pottery
III. Early Red Polished Ware and the Origin of the "Philia Culture"
IV. Reading the Prehistoric Record: A View from the South in the Late Third Millennium B.C.
V. Beyond Regionalism: Toward an Islandwide Middle Cypriot Sequence
VI. New Light on Red Polished Ware. 51
VII. The Classification of Middle Bronze Age Painted Pottery: Wares, Styles...Workshops?
VIII. Problems of Definition of Local and Imported Fabrics of Late Cypriot "Canaanite" Ware
IX. Canaanite Pottery from Hala Sultan Tekke: Traditional Classification and Micro Colour Analysis (MCA)
X. Red Lustrous Wheelmade Ware: A Product of Late Bronze Age Cyprus
XI. A Preliminary Investigation of Systems of Ceramic Production and Distribution in Cyprus During the Late Bronze Age
XII. Material and Technical Classification of Base Ring Ware: A New Fabric Typology
XIII. The Pot Calls the Kettle Reddish Brown (5YR 3/4): Distinguishing among Late Cypriot Monochrome Wares
XIV. Handmade Burnished Wares of the Late Bronze Age: Toward a Clearer Classification System
XV. Late Bronze Age Grey Wares in Cyprus
XVI. Cypriot Bronze Age Pottery and the Aegean
XVII. LC IIC to LC IIIA without Intruders: The Case of Alassa-Pano Mandilaris
XVIII. A Terminology for the Matte-Painted, Wheelmade Pottery of Late Cypriot IIC-IIIA
XIX. Cypriot Pottery of Aegean Type in LC II-III: Problems of Classification, Chronology and Interpretation
XX. Proto-White Painted Pottery: A Classification of the Ware
XXI. Regional Classification of Cypriot Terra Cottas
XXII. Techniques of Village Pottery Production
XXIII. Ethnoarchaeological Evidence of Variation in Cypriot Ceramics and Its Implications for the Taxonomy of Ancient Pottery
XXIV. The Principles of Cypriot Bronze Age Pottery Classification
XXV. Ceramic Variability: Measurement and Meaning