Valences of Interdisciplinarity

9781926836461: Paperback
Release Date: 1st December 2011

Dimensions: 159 x 241

Number of Pages: 350

Series Cultural Dialectics

Athabasca University Press

Valences of Interdisciplinarity

Theory, Practice, Pedagogy

Edited by
Raphael Foshay
A collection of essays on interdisciplinary theory, research, and teaching.
Paperback / £33.00

Valences of Interdisciplinarity presents essays by aninternational array of scholars committed to enhancing ourunderstanding of the theoretical underpinnings and the practicalrealities of interdisciplinary teaching and research. What is, and whatshould be, motivating our reflections on, and our practice of,approaches that transcend the conventional boundaries of discipline?And in adopting such transdisciplinary approaches, how do we safeguardcritical methods and academic rigour? Reflecting on the obstacles theyhave encountered both as thinkers and as educators, the authors map outinnovative new directions for the interdisciplinary project. Together,the essays promise to set the standards of the debate aboutinterdisciplinarity for years to come.

Raphael Foshay is the program director of the Masterof Arts in Integrated Studies program at Athabasca University. Hisresearch interests include literary and cultural theory, andcontinental philosophy.