Islamic and European Expansion

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Release Date: 20th July 1993

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Islamic and European Expansion

The Forging of a Global Order

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Distinguished writers provide new approaches to cross-cultural history

Michael Adas is Abraham Voorhees Professor of History at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. He is currently editor of the American Historical Association's series on Global and Comparative History and co-editor of the Cambridge University Press series on "Studies in Comparative World History." He has published numerous articles and books, including most recently (with Peter Stearns and Stuart Schwartz) World Civilization: The Global Experience (1992) and Turbulent Passage: A Global History of the Twentieth Century (1993).

"This is a very good and useful collection of essays, all of a very high scholarly quality.... [E]xtensive coverage of ethnic and gender issues will enhance its appeal to insturctors."
Craig Lockard, Professor of Social Change and Development, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay