The Complete Works of Robert Browning Volume XVI

9780821412510: Hardback
Release Date: 15th February 1999

Number of Pages: 279

Edition: 1st Edition

Series The Complete Works of Robert Browning

Ohio University Press

The Complete Works of Robert Browning Volume XVI

With Variant Readings And Annotations

Written by
Robert Browning
Contributions by
Susan Crowl
Roma A. King, Jr.
Hardback / £66.00

In seventeen volumes, copublished with Baylor University, this acclaimed series features annotated texts of all of Robert Browning’s known writing. The series encompasses autobiography as well as influences bearing on Browning’s life and career and aspects of Victorian thought and culture.?

Robert Browning wrote Parleyings with Certain People of Importance in Their Day in his seventy-third year. The work is a capstone to the poet's long career, encompassing autobiography as well as influences bearing on the poet's life and career and on Victorian thought and culture in general. One of Browning's most complex works, Parleyings is also a work essential to understanding his genius and career as a whole. The Ohio/Baylor Browning edition offers keys to the complexity and interest of Parleyings through a definitive, emended text, full annotations for allusions both explicit and implicit in the text, and variant readings for the manuscript and all editions revised by Browning during his lifetime.

In form and structure, Parleyings is a series of seven poems written in Browning's own voice and addressed to figures influential in his development. The series is framed by a prologue and an epilogue, the whole amounting to some 3,500 lines. The poems are a formal contrast and a pendant to the great series of linked dramatic monologues in The Ring and the Book. They demonstrate the zest for innovation possessed by the master of the dramatic monologue in his ripe maturity. Interested readers as well as students and scholars of Browning will find a rich field of poetry and a critical mass of resources in Volume XVI of the Ohio/Baylor Browning edition.

As always in this acclaimed series, a complete record of textual variants is provided, as well as extensive explanatory notes.

Susan Crowl is Professor of English at Ohio University.

Roma A. King, Jr., was Distinguished Professor Emeritus of English at Ohio University.

“The Ohio edition offers a virtual rare bookroom full of texts for any Browning poems where the determined critic can trace the author’s changing intentions and craft.”

-- Victorian Poetry

“The editorial policy of the Ohio edition has always been completeness, with the recording of all variants, changes, and corrections made by the poet himself, and these volumes continue that aim with admirable care and painstaking attention to detail.”

-- Journal of Browning Studies

“The Ohio [Browning] is everything a reader could wish.”

-- English