A Deleuzian Century?

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Release Date: 23rd August 1999

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Release Date: 23rd August 1999

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A Deleuzian Century?

Edited by
Ian Buchanan
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Michel Foucault’s suggestion that this century would become known as “Deleuzian” was considered by Gilles Deleuze himself to be a joke “meant to make people who like us laugh, and make everyone else livid.” Whether serious or not, Foucault’s prediction has had enough of an impact to raise concern about the potential “deification” of this enormously influential French philosopher. Seeking to counter such tendencies toward hagiography—not unknown, particularly since Deleuze’s death—Ian Buchanan has assembled a collection of essays that constitute a critical and focused engagement with Deleuze and his work.
Originally published as a special issue of South Atlantic Quarterly (Summer 1997), this volume includes essays from some of the most prominent American, Australian, British, and French scholars and translators of Deleuze’s writing. These essays, ranging from film, television, art, and literature to philosophy, psychoanalysis, geology, and cultural studies, reflect the broad interests of Deleuze himself. Providing both an introduction and critique of Deleuze, this volume will engage those readers interested in literary and cultural theory, philosophy, and the future of those areas of study in which Deleuze worked.

Contributors. Ronald Bogue, Ian Buchanan, André Pierre Colombat, Tom Conley, Manuel DeLanda, Tessa Dwyer, Jerry Aline Flieger, Eugene Holland, Fredric Jameson, Jean-Clet Martin, John Mullarkey, D. N. Rodowick, Horst Ruthrof, Charles J. Stivale

Introduction / Ian Buchanan 1
Marxism and Dualism in Deleuze / Fredric Jameson 13
The Memory of Resistance / D. N. Rodowick 37
Deleuze and Materialism: One or Several Matters? / John Mullarkey 59
Art and Territory / Ronald Bogue 85
Deleuze and Cultural Studies / Ian Buchanan 103
Immanence and Transcendence in the Genesis of Form / Manuel DeLanda 119
Comment puet-on être deleuzien? Pursuing a Two-Fold Thought / Charles J. Stivale 135
Marx and Poststructuralist Philosophies of Difference / Eugene W. Holland 145
Straining to Hear (Deleuze) / Tessa Dwyer 163
Deleuze and the Body: Eluding Kafka's "Little Death Sentence" / Horst Ruthrof 183
Deleuze and the Three Powers of Literature and Philosophy: To Demystify, to Experiment, to Create / André Pierre Colombat 199
Overdetermined Oedipus: Mommy, Daddy, and Me as Desiring-Machine / Jerry Aline Flieger 219
Deleuze's Philosophy of the Concrete / Jean-Clet Martin 241
From Multiplicities to Folds: On Style and Form in Deleuze / Tom Conley 249
Notes on Contributors 267
Index 271

Ian Buchanan is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Tasmania.

“Here’s a remedy for resisting the anti-philosophy brigade. . . . [The contributors] energetically claim Deleuze’s importance for issues that have pressed us both politically and philosophically.”—Nina Zimnik, Film-Philosophy