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The Mathematical Theory of Communication

9780252725463: Hardback
Release Date: 1st September 1998

9780252725487: Paperback
Release Date: 1st October 1963

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Number of Pages: 144

University of Illinois Press

The Mathematical Theory of Communication

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Paperback / £19.99

Claude E. Shannon is a research mathematician at the Bell Telephone Laboratories and Donner professor of science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Warren Weaver, at present a consultant on scientific projects to the Sloan Foundation, has had a distinguished academic, government, and foundation career. Both authors have received numerous awards and honors.

"A beautiful example of a theory that unifies hitherto separate branches of physical science, and Dr. Weaver makes important suggestions as to how this unity may be extended to include semantics and pragmatics."--Philosophical Review

"This book cannot be ignored by anyone with direct professional concern with these applications and many applied physicists without this concern should, like the reviewer, find the book absorbing."--S. Whitehead, British Journal of Applied Physics

"Readers who are interested in language, communication, meaning, and related problems will find this monograph rewarding."--Quarterly Review of Biology