The Colombia Reader

9780822362074: Hardback
Release Date: 3rd January 2017

9780822362289: Paperback
Release Date: 3rd January 2017

103 illustrations (incl. 8 page color insert)

Dimensions: 156 x 235

Number of Pages: 648

Series The Latin America Readers

Duke University Press Books

The Colombia Reader

History, Culture, Politics

Containing over one hundred selections ranging from songs, artwork, and poetry, to journalism, oral history, and scholarship—most published in English for the first time—The Colombia Reader presents a rich and multi-layered account of this complex nation from the colonial era to the present.
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Containing over one hundred selections—most of them published in English for the first time—The Colombia Reader presents a rich and multilayered account of this complex nation from the colonial era to the present. The collection includes journalistic reports, songs, artwork, poetry, oral histories, government documents, and scholarship to illustrate the changing ways Colombians from all walks of life have made and understood their own history. Comprehensive in scope, it covers regional differences; religion, art, and culture; the urban/rural divide; patterns of racial, economic, and gender inequalities; the history of violence; and the transnational flows that have shaped the nation.  The Colombia Reader expands readers' knowledge of Colombia beyond its reputation for violence, contrasting experiences of conflict with the stability and significance of cultural, intellectual, and economic life in this plural nation.

Ann Farnsworth-Alvear is Associate Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania and the author of Dulcinea in the Factory: Myths, Morals, Men, and Women in Colombia's Industrial Experiment, 1905–1960, also published by Duke University Press.

Marco Palacios is Professor at El Colegio de México and Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, and the author of many books, including Between Legitimacy and Violence: A History of Colombia, 18752002, also published by Duke University Press.

Ana María Gómez López is an artist and independent scholar.

"The Colombia Reader's editors have done extraordinary work, especially by including the voices of those who are historically marginalized or omitted in traditional histories of Colombia. In the past I have had to rely on texts I have personally translated for use in my courses if I wanted students to think beyond the narrow categories typically used to define Colombia's history. Solving this scarcity of translated texts, The Colombia Reader is a great teaching resource."

Mary Roldán, author of
Blood and Fire: La Violencia in Antioquia, Colombia, 1946–1953

"In this stunning textual and visual compilation of daily historical moments, the Colombian people come alive, so that they may finally be understood alongside their fellow Latin Americans."

Herbert Braun, author of
Our Guerrillas, Our Sidewalks: A Journey into the Violence of Colombia

"Including a wide range of photographs and reproductions of works of art, this remarkable and exciting collection is an indispensable work for all libraries, all scholars of Colombia, Latin Americanists of all sorts, and any interested reader. Essential. All levels/libraries."

J. M. Rosenthal

"This book will allow us to write, teach, and tell not only different histories of Colombia but to write, teach, and tell those histories differently....  This collection will certainly become a foundational teaching tool not only for the histories of Colombia but also those of Latin America."

A. Ricardo López