The European Folktale

9780253203939: Paperback
Release Date: 22nd September 1986

Dimensions: 152 x 229

Number of Pages: 200

Indiana University Press

The European Folktale

Form and Nature

Written by
Max Luthi
Translated by
John D. Niles
Paperback / £14.99

Niles’ excellent translation should bring Lüthi’s sensitive and articulate study the recognition it deserves among English readers." —Library Journal

Lüthi demonstrates how the folktale, by its very distance from reality, can play upon the most important themes of human existence.

Foreword by Dan Ben-Amos
Author’s Preface
Translator’s Preface


1. One-Dimensionality
2. Depthlessness
3. Abstract Style
4. Isolation and Universal Interconnection
5. Sublimination and All-Inclusiveness
6. Function and Significane of the Folktale
7. Folktale Scholarship

Supplement: Sturctural Folktale Scholarship

Index of Tale Types
General Index