Sean Metzger


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  1. The Chinese Atlantic
    In The Chinese Atlantic, Sean Metzger charts processes of global circulation across and beyond the Atlantic, exploring how seascapes generate new understandings of Chinese migration, financial networks and artistic production.... Learn More
    Published: 1st May 2020
    Hardback | £65.00
    Paperback | £25.99
  2. Framing the Global
    Framing the Global explores new and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of global issues. Essays are framed around the entry points or key concepts that have emerged in each contributor's engagement with global studies in... Learn More
    Published: 22nd May 2014
    Hardback | £69.00
    Paperback | £24.99
  3. Chinese Looks
    From yellow-face performance in the 19th century to Jackie Chan in the 21st, Chinese Looks examines articles of clothing and modes of adornment as a window on how American views of China have changed in the past 150 years. Sean... Learn More
    Published: 25th April 2014
    Hardback | £73.00
    Paperback | £25.99