Our sales team seeks to maximise sales through all available channels by working collaboratively with our vendor partners across EMEA and APAC. Key account management is a focus of our activity and we work together closely with the online vendors and wholesalers to ensure that data and supply channels are functioning smoothly and that our clients’ publications are well represented. We also work closely with the independent retailers doing both front list selling and backlist stock checks to ensure that the independents are promoting the right titles. Campus and university libraries are also a core area of our focus and our team works with library suppliers, libraries and academics to ensure that our clients’ publications get the maximum attention via reading lists, approval plans and subject librarian buying. For digital products, we offer a fully integrated sales & marketing service; growing direct platform sales, selling e-books directly to universities and consumers, or driving e-book sales through both consumer and library e-vendors. Our dynamic and multi-lingual sales team finds creative solutions to sales channel challenges, responding quickly to guarantee maximal sales in this rapidly shifting arena.