Reconsidering Radical Feminism

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Release Date: 15th April 2018

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Series Sexuality Studies

UBC Press

Reconsidering Radical Feminism

Affect and the Politics of Heterosexuality

Reconsidering Radical Feminism investigates the legacy of feminist debates about the politics of heterosexuality, examining how we become invested in arguments that position us as feminists – and as gendered subjects.
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What’s the right way to be a feminist? Reconsidering Radical Feminism is not only a clear, precise summary of late-twentieth-century feminist debates about the politics of heterosexuality. It’s also an examination of how we become invested in arguments that position us as particular kinds of feminists – and as gendered subjects. Through the lens of poststructuralism, queer theory, and affect theory, Jessica Joy Cameron investigates the legacy of the passionate dispute between radical feminism and sex-positive feminism. In doing so, she reveals the timeliness of her subject as contemporary policies about sexual assault, consent, and safe spaces come under scrutiny.

Introduction: Radical Attachments

1 Radical Deconstructions of Heterosexual Practice: Reading Heterosexual Intercourse

2 Naming Experience, Experiencing a Name: Discourse, Sexual Assault, and the Workings of Affect

3 Heterosexist Pornographies and Sex Work: Transgression, Signification, and the Politics of Shame

4 Paranoid Witness and Reparative Disengagement: Reading Feminist Writings on Heterosexuality

Conclusion: Ambivalent Attachments




Jessica Joy Cameron is a feminist theorist and visual artist. Her video and performance art has been exhibited across Canada and in the United States and Europe. She is currently exploring subjectivity and negations of self in a new fibre and painting series. This is her first monograph.

Jessica Joy Cameron is a feminist theorist and visual artist. She lives in Waterloo, Ontario.

Jessica Joy Cameron’s book is both a provocative challenge to conventional interpretations of radical feminism and a wonderful tool for students and scholars wishing to interrogate the taken-for-granted ways that their disciplines have positioned various theories.

Barbara Tomlinson, author of Feminism and Affect at the Scene of Argument: Beyond the Trope of the Angry Feminist

Reconsidering Radical Feminism offers a much-needed intellectual engagement with radical feminism that avoids caricature or misinterpretation but is also critical and constructive. Jessica Joy Cameron describes her own journey from radical feminism to sex-positive feminism and back again, and deftly shows how and why radical feminism remains relevant.

Clare Chambers, author of Sex, Culture and Justice: The Limits of Choice