The Art of Allusion

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Release Date: 13th November 2018

27 color, 97 b/w illus.

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The Art of Allusion

Illuminators and the Making of English Literature, 1403-1476

Featuring more than one hundred illustrations, 27 of them in color, The Art of Allusion amply exhibits the critical role book artists played in the formation of the English literary canon.

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At the end of the fourteenth and into the first half of the fifteenth century Geoffrey Chaucer, John Gower, and John Lydgate translated and revised stories with long pedigrees in Latin, Italian, and French. Royals and gentry alike commissioned lavish manuscript copies of these works, copies whose images were integral to the rising prestige of English as a literary language. Yet despite the significance of these images, manuscript illuminators are seldom discussed in the major narratives of the development of English literary culture.

The newly enlarged scale of English manuscript production generated a problem: namely, a need for new images. Not only did these images need to accompany narratives that often had no tradition of illustration, they also had to express novel concepts, including ones as foundational as the identity and suitable representation of an English poet. In devising this new corpus, manuscript artists harnessed visual allusion as a method to articulate central questions and provide at times conflicting answers regarding both literary and cultural authority.

Sonja Drimmer traces how, just as the poets embraced intertexuality as a means of invention, so did illuminators devise new images through referential techniques—assembling, adapting, and combining images from a range of sources in order to answer the need for a new body of pictorial matter. Featuring more than one hundred illustrations, twenty-seven of them in color, The Art of Allusion is the first book devoted to the emergence of England's literary canon as a visual as well as a linguistic event.


Chapter 1. The Illuminators of London

Chapter 2. Chaucer's Manicule
Chapter 3. Gower in Humilitatio
Chapter 4. Lydgate ex Voto

Chapter 5. History in the Making: Lydgate's Troy Book
Chapter 6. History's Hall of Mirrors: Gower's Confessio Amantis

Epilogue. Chaucer's Missing Histories

Color plates

Sonja Drimmer teaches art history at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

"An excellent book, truly groundbreaking in approach, and an important contribution to the understanding of late medieval English literary manuscripts, their production, and their illustration."—Richard K. Emmerson, Florida State University

"The Art of Allusion is full of new and fascinating insights. Sonja Drimmer convincingly argues that the work of illustration both responds and contributes to the entry and circulation of new ideas about English vernacular literary authorship, political history, and book production itself in the fifteenth century."—Alexandra Gillespie, University of Toronto